This week is a very special week over here in our corner of the world!

Because this week was the 2nd BIRTHDAY of our special family member and Steamy Kitchen mascot- DUKE!

It is crazy to believe that Duke is already TWO YEARS OLD – or maybe we could call him a teenager in dog years.

This guy has brought so much joy to our family and I know to all of our readers and Steamy Kitchen supporters.

As I miss him SO MUCH and can’t wait to celebrate him in person – I am taking some time today to reminisce on all of the puppy memories we’ve had over these couple of years.

From getting him as a puppy, to watching him navigate his little world, run, swim, play with other dogs, and show his immense love for people.

Basically his life in a nutshell is – EAT, SLEEP, PLAY, LOVE, REPEAT!

Some things that Duke LOVES:

1. Hands down – the DOG PARK! We have never seen a dog so social before and we aren’t just talking about the dogs at the park – but the humans. Every single person does not go unnoticed by Duke as he is the professional greeter of the park.

2. All things water – No puddle goes unchecked, and the muddier the better. No matter where we walk, he will scout out the nearest water source.

3. Dentastix are his favorite – At this rate, he should never need to go to the dog dentist again. Even though we are not sure if the Dentastix actually help his pearly whites for sure, we do know – he loves them!

4. Sleeping in the weirdest positions – On his back, legs in the air is his favorite. I also envy his ability to fall asleep in virtually any situation! Duke cracks us up with his craziest sleeping positions. (Check the video to see!)

5. Communicating!! This dog communicates better than most humans I swear. He is so vocal in his needs with knocking on the windows, complaining (in his puppy mumbles) when he’s not happy and talking back when you take the last bite of food.

He also is great at giving hugs (yes, he gives hugs), and putting his full body weight into you waiting for a back scratch or ear rub.

As Duke is still in Canada, this morning he enjoyed a trip to the Dog Park near the river as well as a Puppacino!

I think a steak might be in his future tonight to celebrate!

My team and I compiled a few of my favorite photos and videos of Duke in the video below – starting from his puppy days until now!

You can watch the video by clicking below!

Thank you for everyone who has participated in the Steamy Kitchen Vision survey sent out last week!

I have enjoyed so much going through it and better understanding your unique responses and answers!

If you have not filled out the survey yet, you can access it here.

We will announce the $50 cash winner to one participant on May 28th

Jaden’s Weekly Tip:
Ever see your onions start to sprout and think that onion needs to go to the garbage, stat!
You might be surprised that you can actually use the sprouted onion by cutting the green tops and using it as green onions / scallions in dishes.
The onion is still good – just less sweet! So you can use it in longer cooking dishes like braises,soups and stews!
Have a blessed week and sending love to you and your furry friends out there!

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