Hello Steamy Kitchen family, today we are giving away a $100 Costco Gift Card to cover some of your bulk buying needs! Costco is our go-to store for everythinggg. Right now, there are even great summer deals on things like swim wear and pool toys. 

Oh also, check out this awesome list of 44 Costco Food Items You Have to Try Before You Die from mashed.com! So much good stuff on there plus a fun read… anyways onto the giveaway!

$100 Costco Gift Card

  • Shop in bulk! Shopping in bulk has many benefits, keep reading this post to learn about them!
  • Find tasty, delicious items that only Costco carries.
  • Costco sells more than just food, including: electronics, in season items, books and some pets supplies.
  • Have a Costco card? Go fill up your gas tank at a Costco fuel pump and pay with this gift card!

Pros for Shopping in Bulk

1. Save money by planning out meals and snacks to buying all of the food you need at once instead of throughout the week.

2. Free samples! Buying in bulk means getting free samples and no wasting money on products that you don’t like.

3. Help keep the Earth green by buying products that use less plastic packaging and no plastic bagging.

4. Save on gas by only taking one car trip to the grocery store for the week. Also get a Costco card and save on buying gas at the Costco gas station!

5. SO MUCH FOOD, its amazing how much food you can get at Costco for a reasonable price. Never hear a family member complain about there being nothing in the pantry again! 

Cons of Buying in Bulk

1. It is a big upfront expense because you are purchasing everything for a long period of time rather than spaced out in a weeks time. 

2. You need the space to transport all of the bulk bought products and also have room to store these products at home.

3. If meals are not planned out properly, foods often go uneaten or spoiled because there is SUCH a large quantity.

4. In order to buy in bulk, you often times need a warehouse membership, which is usually a monthly charge. However, it comes with its benefits!

There are many pros and cons to bulk shopping, but in my experience, Costco has always been a godsend for tasty products and amazing deals! Plus I just love the free samples and the foodcourt is NOT bad, you should try the açaí bowls. 

$100 Costco Gift Card Giveaway

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