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I was sitting back this week reading some of our emails and comments, and I have so much appreciation for this community that has came together for the love of food, new recipes and a little good luck!

I appreciate you and each and every reader, subscriber, giveaway participant and recipe tester!

I send you nothing but my best wishes to whatever season of life you are experiencing. Rain or shine!

I won’t get too sappy on you (ha ha!), but I think it is important to acknowledge each other from time to time.

So, I challenge you to pick up the phone and connect with someone you may not have chatted with recently or to tell someone in your home you appreciate them!

It can make a big difference in our days when we are greeted with kindness and connection.

So there is a weekly challenge for you!

2. I will be offline for a few days as Nature and Adventure are calling!

This week I will be a little offline as I will be taking a mini trip out in nature! I am excited to bring in pockets of adventure and spontaneity into life and it is a good reminder to myself to keep life interesting!

I will give you an update on our Friday newsletter about how it went!

3. Thank you to our first round of recipe testers!

Our first recipe that we tested is now closed! Thank you to all the testers who submitted their review or photo! This is SO fun for our team to see your thoughts on the recipes and I love how interactive it is!

If you didn’t have a chance to test this one, no worries! We just launched our next recipe that we are testing as a community!

Our goal is to have two recipes a month for us to all test together!

Head to the facebook group to find the newest recipe!

Recipe of the Week:

Butter Poached Lobster with Fresh Tomatoes

There are few combinations that I enjoy more than butter and lobster.

Just the sound of it makes my mouth water! If you are wanting to treat yourself to a decadent dish this week, this recipe is just for you!

Learn how to perfectly poach lobster in an savory and simple garlic butter sauce. This recipe finishes things off with adding some fresh tomatoes and basil for the perfect balancing of freshness and richness!

You can find the recipe for Butter Poached Lobster with Fresh Tomatoes on Steamy Kitchen here!

Jaden’s Weekly Tip:

For this week’s tip we wanted to share a very low waste option to repurpose orange peels!

Next time you make fresh orange juice, save the peels!

Simply pack the peels into a mason jar and add white vinegar!

Close up the mason jar and let the peels steep for 2 weeks in a cool dry place. Once ready, strain the mixture and put into a spray bottle.

You will have a a scented DIY cleaner that is both safe and effective!

Note: A vinegar smell does remain, however it does not last on your surfaces! Also refrain from using this mixture on natural stone! You can also use this with other citrus fruits like lime and lemon.
With that, I am signing off for a few days!
Have a great week and see you Friday!
With love,




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-Jeff Hill from Schererville, IN won the Outdoor Palooza Instant Win Game

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