Happy Friday Steamy Kitchen! Today we have a new instant win theme for you, and that is “Jaden’s Monthly Favorites”! We have compiled a list of Jaden’s favorite products for kitchen organization this month and put it tougher for you to enter to win!

We also will share Jaden’s top tips for creative ways to create space and organization in your kitchen. Next time we will have a different theme for the monthly favorites instant win. Let us know in the bonus question what you would like the next theme to be.

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Top Tips for Creating Space in the Kitchen

Stack it. Use shelves, spice racks, risers, baking sheets, cutting boards–anything you can think of–to stack on top of other things to create space! I really like something like this because it is decorative, unique and doesn’t need to be installed.

In the fridge, place a baking sheet over storage bowls and containers to create an extra layer of shelving! You could also achieve this with a cutting board or any other flat appliance you can think of.

Hang everything! Use command strip hooks to hand things like utensils, pot and pan lids, kitchen towels or plastic wrap and tinfoil. There are also kitchen racks like this one that you can hang many appliances from one once. 

Similarly, you can find an over the sink drying rack that creates space and doubles as an organization tool! You can go as simple or as multi-use as you want for this product. 

Another idea: find a cutting board that fits nicely over the sink to save counter space! Plus makes it easy to scrape scraps into the sink and down the disposal.

Use the pantry door to your advantage! You could stick hooks on the inside of the door to hand towels and utensils from. Take a look at this product made specifically to hang from the door and create space to store kitchen appliances like cutting boards and baking sheets. It could also be used to store snacks or bags in!

If you’re looking for something slightly more budget friend and provides even more space, look into over the door shoe organizers. There are a ton of options and you could get really creative with this option. 

Our last tip for creating space in the kitchen is to use baskets to store products you buy in bulk like snacks or condiments. Unbox these products and place them in a basket to neatly slide away into the pantry. 

I use little baskets like this to keep spices organized in the cabinet. Below that, I have a cute basket like this to store Keurig cups that I purchase in bulk. In the pantry, I use baskets like this to put clean dish rags and paper plates in and hanging ones like this to store taco seasoning packets and protein bars.

In fact, this entire page has a TON of great stuff if you want more options for creating space in your kitchen. I want all of these basket products!

Now for the instant win prizes!!

SimpleHouseware Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder

SimpleHouseware Over Cabinet Door Cutting Board Bakeware Organizer is a simple appliance that helps you create more space in the kitchen. The over-the-cabinet installation allows you access your bakeware like muffin pans, cup cake pans and cutting boards quickly and conveniently. To install, just hook this on any of your cabinet doors, inside or outside. You can also mount on a cabinet door (screws included) or mount on drywall (screws and anchor included).

Adhesive Sponge Holder + Brush Holder


STRONG ADHESIVE hooks stick to surface for a long time, more durable and stronger than suction cup. Proved to hold 15 lbs in daily use after 3 year testing on smooth hard surfaces. NO TOOLS, NO DRILLING, NO HOLES. Just peel off the cover and install the adhesive. This prevents any damage to your permanent structure. Ideal for using it in kitchen, bathrooms and anywhere you need.

Seropy Roll Up Dish Drying Rack Over the Sink

This folding sink dish drying rack not only can be used as a dish drainer for air-drying kitchenware, such as washed bowls, pans, glasses, cups, plates, cookware, cutlery; but also as a vegetable colander for fruit and veggies; or as a non-slip trivet mat for hot pots or bakeware on countertop.


Pan/Pot Lids Holder Organizer

This Pan/Pot holder is a versatile kitchen storage organizer for plates, cutting boards, bake ware, etc. You can even use for cooling pots & pans, serving trays and reusable containers. Place in cabinet or on the countertop to create space in your kitchen! 


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