Today on Steamy Kitchen we are giving away something extra soft and special–a personalized blanket from ThatBlanket! ThatBlanket is a company that sells one thing, blankets. The softest and most beautiful blankets we have ever felt!

ThatBlanket will capture all of your special memories on fleece for you to cherish and cuddle up with. Perfect for a snuggly summer nap on the couch or for adding homey touch of decor. 

ThatBlanket XL Review:

ThatBlanket has sent us a blanket with the cutest picture of all time on it–DUKE! If he was here, I think he would like to cuddle up on his own face and take a snooze.

This blanket is so soft. You can choose to have a blanket made from two materials: fleece or sherpa. These materials are the finest sourced materials and use high quality printing to make sure your image looks fantastic on the printed side of the blanket. 

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Go big or go home!

The print on this blanket is HUGE and crystal clear. ThatBlanket uses high quality printing to print out your special moments on fleece. All you have to do is make sure that the image you submit to them is at least 2MB. 

What image would you want to get printed on a blanket??

If you can’t choose just one image, there are options for collage prints as well! And if you have no image, but you would like a blanket, ThatBlanket has a section titled “Art” with tons of beautiful graphic designs. 

A Perfect Gift! 

“Small prints are cute, but big prints are what we are all about. Take your photos to the next level.”

These blankets make for beautiful gifts that will mean so much more to someone than a fuzzy blanket from the store. A picture says a thousand words, but if images aren’t your form of sentiment, you can find a section titled “Letters” that offers blankets with meaningful quotes and words. 

All in all, ThatBlanket offers something for everyone!

As for washing, its super easy! You can just place your blanket in the washing machine on delicate and then tumble dry on low. 

There is no need to worry about the print fading, ThatBlanket ensures high quality, long lasting prints that will keep your memories rich in color. 

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