We want to treat you to dinner!Yup! You heard that right! We are giving away $100 Gift Card to the WINNERS CHOICE of your favorite local restaurant.

This is the perfect way to support your local restaurant, give away as a gift to family and friends, order take-in for date night, or if you are able go out for a night out!

$100 Gift Card 

The winner will choose which local restaurant they want to support and have a dinner (or multiple dinners) on Steamy Kitchen!

Tips For Supporting Local Restaurants and Small Businesses

With 2020 having massive effects on the restaurant industry, we want to make sure we are supporting local restaurants and cafes with our giveaways. 

Share, like and comment on social media. Follow your favorite restaurants and small businesses on social media! They want to interact with you and get to know you. Help spread the word by sharing their posts to your page or simply dropping a positive comment on their page. 

Buy merchandise! This is a fun and stylish way to support small businesses. I’m not so sure if a lot of restaurants offer merchants, but I do know that places like cafes do and definitely small niche businesses like crystal shops, clothing stores or pet stores. 

Buy meal prepped meals from restaurants! If you really love a restaurant’s food, check the menu for pre-made dinners and meals! This has become popular over the course of 2020 and is honestly a great way to help people out on both ends–small businesses and busy people alike.

Giving a gift card for friends and family is a great way to still contribute to restaurants and small businesses. If there is a place you really loved, buy a $10 gift card for a friend so they can go check it out and enjoy as well.

If you have a remarkable experience at a restaurant or cafe, take the time to leave a positive review! I guarantee you the business will appreciate it. Plus, your review will help notify others so they can have a great experience as well! 

We all know that eating together is a great way to spend time with one another over a great meal and we are excited for one person to win this gift card of their choice!

Dinner On Us $100 Gift Card Giveaway

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