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Buddha Bowl recipes help home cooks reinvent their boring leftovers with a simple formula to build a meal. A Buddha Bowl is simply a one-bowl meal:

Lots of Veggies
Lean Protein
Yummy Sauce
Fun Crunch

We want you to use up all the veggies in the drawer, last night’s leftover grilled shrimp and rice! The key to creating bold, exciting, new flavors is in the YUMMY SAUCE and the FUN CRUNCHY TOPPING.

Buddha Bowl Basics

Did you know…

25% of the food bought in American households gets thrown away. For a family of four, that wasted food costs an average of $1800, or $150 per month.

This is equal to 20 pounds of food, per PERSON! 

The biggest loss comes from food spoilage of fruits and vegetables. The next biggest loss is caused by people cooking or serving too much, causing waste in uneaten leftovers.

Buddha Bowls transforms your leftovers!

Stop being bored with the same old recipes and tired leftovers. Buddha Bowl recipes will help you use every bit of your groceries and add life to your leftovers.

The secret is in bold, flavorful

Create a brand new meal that tastes completely different with just a new sauce and an unexpected crunch. Your leftovers won’t taste like boring leftovers, and you have a use for every last bit of veggies in the drawer.

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