Reverse Meal Planning

Did you know…

Did you know that The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that 25% of the food bought in American households gets thrown away. 

For a family of four, that wasted food costs an average of $1800, or $150 per month.  

Can you imagine just throwing away $150 per month in the garbage or down the garbage disposal? 

The biggest loss comes from food spoilage of fruits and vegetables. The next biggest loss is caused by people cooking or serving too much, causing waste in uneaten leftovers.

We help you use up your leftovers and all the bits of fruits and veggies in the drawer with Reverse Meal Planning and our Buddha Bowl recipes! 

We give you the tools to cut down on your food waste by using what you have first! With our signature Steamy Kitchen Reverse Meal Planning Method and our delicious Buddha Bowl recipes, you will be able to use up what you have, love your leftovers, and save MONEY and cut food waste every month! 

What is Reverse Meal Planning?

We do things a little… BACKWARDS. 

Instead of starting with recipes and a grocery list, we want you to use what you have FIRST. How much money have you already spent on food in your home? It’s time to use your hard earned food and not let it get wasted! 

We give you all the resources, tips and recipes to inspire you to start your meal prep from your fridge, pantry and freezer first! 

Our Reverse Meal Planning Steps: 

STEP ONE: Clear Mindset, Clear Kitchen. This is where we dive into our mindset and get clear on how having an organized food system and kitchen will help us feel. 

STEP TWO: Kitchen Detox. This is where we clear old food, low energy and clutter! We walk you through how to get clean and organized in your fridge, freezer and pantry! Make sure to check out our next free 5 Day Fridge Detox Challenge designed to help you get organized, and do it as a community! 

STEP THREE: Take Inventory. Our inventory process helps you get clear and track food that you already have! We believe in labeling with a purpose! 

STEP FOUR: Restock with Good Food & Energy. It’s time to replenish with food that is high vibrational and makes you excited to eat it! We help you restock your fridge as well as add good energy into your space! 

STEP FIVE: Reverse Meal Plan. We teach you how to reverse meal plan starting from your kitchen first! With the inspiration of Blank Canvas recipes like Buddha Bowls we help you transform your way of cooking, so no last piece of cucumber or half an onion gets left behind! 

Make sure to join our next 5 DAY FRIDGE DETOX CHALLENGE that will help you kickstart getting organized, clean and inspired in your kitchen! 

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