Fall Home Refresh: $200 Ikea Gift Card

Happy happy Monday and welcome to the fall season Steamy Kitchen fam! To start off this fall, we are giving away a $200 Ikea gift card for you to purchase new products and refresh your home with. 

Didn’t do any spring cleaning or summer splurges? No prob, we gotchu with this $200 giveaway! Plus we are going to give you a few tips on how to refresh your home so you can start off this fall feeling fresh.

This fall we want you to start off with a new fresh feel! The shift to the fall season symbolizes abundance and balance. What is an anxiety that you can let go of this fall to make space for abundance? 

No more saying yes to people for things that I don’t want to do is my goal! Share something with us in the bonus question. We want to celebrate your fresh fall start with you!

Fresh Fall Life Hacks

1. Diffuse your Favorite Scents – Choose seasonal, all natural scents to bring in a fresh sensory experience! Here are some of our favorite fall scents.

2. Bring In Fresh Plants – bringing fresh live plants into your space can drastically improve the area! You can even order fresh plants on Amazon! If fresh is not an option, fake plants also can have the same effect on your home! 

3. Rearrange Your Furniture! This can instantly change up the entire feeling in a room simply by moving around your furniture into a new layout. Check out this post from the Spruce written by Lauren Flanagan for 10 Simple Decorating Rules for Rearranging Furniture.

4. Add A Mirror – Instantly expand the space with mirrors! Pick a large full body mirror or a smaller one with a fun design to bounce light off or check yourself out 😉

5. Bring in Some Fresh Accessories – you would be surprised with how adding a little bit of decor can totally transform your environment. Head to your local thrift store or a home goods store and find a few things that you love to bring home!

6. Keep It Tidy – the best way to refresh your space, is to keep it looking fresh! Declutter, organize and be consistent with keeping things clean. It may feel like a chore, but keeping your space clean can help drastically improve how you feel at home. See our top organization products here.

Now onto this VIP giveaway!

$200 Ikea Gift Card

ikea store front

How would you spend $200 at Ikea? There are so many products that it is almost overwhelming! I love that you can walk through Ikea and look at all of the different kitchen and living room arrangements that they’ve set up for us with their furniture.

It can really help you get a feel for what you are looking for. Prices are almost always reasonable and if you aren’t satisfied you have an entire 365 days to return products.

This is an article from the Spruce by Tonya Lee, Your Complete Guide to Shopping at IKEA. Lee breaks down everything you need to know and how to prep for an IKEA trip so you don’t feel so overwhelmed! She even includes insider tips like: “Bring your own bags to checkout unless you don’t mind paying the small charge for IKEA’s.”

You can also shop IKEA online and have furniture or other products shipped directly to your house! Most IKEA furniture is easy to assemble, but make sure you have all of the correct tools before ordering!

Fall Home Refresh: $200 Ikea Gift Card

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