Hi-Sense 40 inch Smart TV Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the Steamy Kitchen VIP room, today we are giving away one Hi-Sense 40 inch Smart TV! This TV is great because you can download streaming apps directly to the TV and start watching.

Today we will also share Steamy Kitchen’s favorite cooking shows from Netflix! They are soo good, it’s addicting so get ready to sit back and binge watch cooking shows for a weekend.

Steamy Kitchen has given away a lot of TV’s! You all really love technology, but TV and technology can do soo much more for us than provide a source of entertainment. You can create a DIY movie night for the whole family, calm down with soothing nature documentaries or check out home workout videos! 

How do you enjoy watching TV? Watching TV could be learning new skills through tutorials, staying current with the news, being transported to a new place in a documentary, family bonding or simply turning on your favorite show after a stressful day. For me, it is taking time for myself, turning on a yoga class and getting a good stretch in during the day.

Jaden’s Favorite Cooking Shows

1. The Final Table

Twelve contestants, one winner, this is an international competition with all the best chef’s in the world. They are challenged to make iconic dishes from different nations to impress the judges. Find out who will stay and who will get sent home.

2. Ugly Delicious

Chef David Chang travels the US to discover foods that have had a cultural impact on… well on everything, in very unexpected and personal ways.

3. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Another show hosted by chef David Chang, but in this show he travels the world! Joined by different celebrities to discuss the ways that food has shaped culture and what “authenticity” means to them.

4. Zumbo’s Just Deserts

An intense competitive baking show hosted by Adriano Zumbo featuring bakers from around the world that have come to pursue their dreams. Challenges push bakers to create magical and magnificent pastries and deserts. 

5. Nailed It

If you want a competition show that is more light hearted and family friendly, this is it! Everyday people that are the not experienced in baking (like at all) are given professional baking challenges. It almost always ends in disastrously hilarious attempts, but also makes you want to try this fun challenge out at home.

Hi-Sense 40 inch Smart TV Giveaway

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Hi-Sense 40 inch Smart TV Giveaway

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