Luxe Life $500 Cash Giveaway

Welcome to our very first giveaway in our new VIP Giveaway Room.

This has been a long awaited arrival here on Steamy Kitchen, and I could not be more excited for this to be live and open for entries! 

Over the past year, we have done a ton of research, asking you, our dedicated giveaway family, on how to optimize our giveaway experience to make it fun and easy! 

Our tech team and myself have created a completely custom giveaway format that has been built around your feedback! We’ve been listening all year long – and it’s finally time to dive into our CUSTOM VIP GIVEAWAYS! 

And what better way to kick off our new deluxe giveaways than with cash, introducing the Luxe Life $500 Cash Giveaway

We wanted to do something special to kick off our VIP ROOM and the best thing we could think of was the most requested prize – cash! And lot’s of it! 

The theme of this cash giveaway – is LUXURIOUS! And what is special about the word or feeling of luxury – is that it is unique to each of us! 

Luxury might mean fancy clothes or houses , but it can also mean luxury of quality time, love, and simplicity. To have the luxury of slowing down, being present and feeling secure! 

I would love to know – if you closed your eyes right now – what comes to mind when you think of a luxurious life?

Let us know in the in the bonus questions below,

Speaking of bonus questions – let’s get into how this new fancy giveaway system works! One word – with simplicity! 

How To Enter: 

At the bottom of this post, you will find the giveaway entry form! 

  1. Enter your email and First and Last Name 
  2. Agree To Terms and Conditions and Subscribe if you haven’t already! 
  3. Complete Bonus Entries, if desired 
  4. Watch video for video bonus entry, if desired! 

That’s it! Please keep in mind, that there is no thank you page or redirection (other than bonus entries), for you to enter. Keeping everything on one page! 

All giveaway rules still apply. Giveaway clock restarts at 11:59pm PT each day. You can enter giveaway daily and select bonus questions daily. 

Of course, with all tech upgrades, there is a time and place where we “work out the kinks”, so please let us know of any issues that you run into.

We have gone through a thorough testing phase, so we are hoping to have minimal errors! 

If you are struggling with the giveaway, please fill out this feedback form here and my team and I will get back to you with a tutorial video or help you through the process! 

NOTE: As we are transitioning into this new format – we will still be launching regular giveaways and instant wins on our main giveaway page!


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Luxe Life $500 Cash Giveaway

This sweepstakes ended on 08-09-2021 11:59 PM PDT

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