Master Cook Barbecue Giveaway

This Monday in the VIP room, Steamy Kitchen is giving away one Master Cook Barbecue! A beautiful stainless steel barbecue that has two racks to cook as MUCH meat as you can fit.

Plus, we are doing a barbecue recipe roundup here on Steamy Kitchen today! Read this post and check out the video for some tips, tricks and delicious BBQ recipes.

We want you to have the experience of grilling your own gourmet meal in the backyard this summer. A gourmet meal to one person might be a high end steakhouse dinner with a special someone while to the next person, it is throwing a steak on the grill in the backyard with friends and family. 

What is a gourmet dinner to you? Let us know in the bonus question! To me, a gourmet dinner is opening up a bottle of wine and cooking salmon and asparagus with the family. 

Top Tips for Barbecuing

Heat Zones– to cook foods at different temperatures on the same barbecue. Half of the barbecue may be a hot 450º to sear meat while the other side is a warm 225º to cook through.

Metal Utensils- Plastic will probably melt almost immediately over an open flame. Take a look at our favorite grilling utensils from Amazon!

Be Patient- The tastiest, juiciest meat is cooked low and slowww so take your time and maybe have a little snack while your food cooks on the grill, I promise it will be well worth it!

Oil- Oil up that grill! Be sure that nothing sticks to the racks. You can be generous, this will save you cleaning time at the end of your grilling session.

Steamy Kitchen BBQ Recipe Round Up

Dr. BBQ's Barbecued Barbecue Shrimp

Dr. BBQ’s Barbecued Barbecue Shrimp

This recipe is mouthwatering, the shrimp are barbecued to perfection with crisp pink skin and a flavorful pop of seasoning. 

Vietnamese BBQ Tacos Recipe

Vietnamese BBQ Tacos

These juicy steak Vietnamese Tacos start with a simple marinade of Vietnamese inspired flavors and top off with a spicy dipping sauce.

Korean BBQ Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Korean BBQ Baby Back Ribs Recipe

This recipe for ribs is easy, fast and flavorful! Slather baby back ribs with a savory honey and soy sauce brush, then barbecue to perfection.

BBQ Central Smoky Sweet Wings

BBQ Central Smoky Sweet Wings

Fire up the charcoal grill for this one and make a sweet brown sugar and cayenne powder dry rub to coat your chicken wings with. 

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