SunSHINE Jewelry Giveaway

Happy Monday Steamy Kitchen fam, today in the VIP room we are launching the first of many SunSHINE Jewelry Giveaways! The theme of these jewelry giveaways is sunshine and happiness. We want to spread the joy by continuing to giveaway beautiful authentic Effy jewelry.

If you enjoyed our 7 Days of Giveaway Series in the past – you will be happy to know that our Effy jewelry is also making its debut appearance in our VIP room!

To read the story behind why we are giving away this fine Effy jewelry, keep reading!

We wanted to bring some sunshine and happiness into your life with this giveaway! It’s just about summertime and that means long days and fun nights. What better way to dress up and have a nice night out with brand new sparkly jewelry?

This jewelry also makes for a beautiful present! Gifting this jewelry to someone you care about would be such a wonderful way to spread the sunSHINE and happiness this summer.

What is something that brings sunshine into your life and fills your heart with love? Another person? A pet? Your favorite food? A nice summer nap? I would love for you to share with us in the bonus question! Listening to music on a cool summer evening with the windows down while driving makes me sooo happy.

We truly love to know what brings everybody on Steamy Kitchen happiness because thinking of you smiling makes us smile too!

How We Got This Stash of Amazing Jewelry

Back in January (or maybe it was even earlier….ugh this entire year has just been a blur), I purchased over 100 pieces of the gorgeous Effy jewelry at liquidation prices.

The local Sears in Las Vegas was shutting down, and they were just clearing out all of their inventory of jewelry. So, I purchased the entire lot, thinking, “Oh, I can create an online discount jewelry store!”

The Effy fine jewelry is absolutely stunning with diamonds, rubies, garnets, sapphires and other precious stones. This is a very well-known brand (check out their stuff!) that’s sold at Macy’s Nordstrom’s, Sak’s Fifth, and high-end cruise ship jewelry stores.

We spent two months photographing the jewelry, building the online store and creating a business plan. Right when we were ready to launch….Covid happened.

Shakes fist in air….”curse you, covid!!!”

I just didn’t feel right launching a jewelry store when people were getting laid off left and right. So, I just put the project on hold, waiting for a better time.

But, that better time hasn’t come yet, and all this beautiful jewelry is just taking up space in my safe deposit box at the bank. AND…I lost my enthusiasm for being a jewelry store retailer.

SO….my team came up with the idea to just give it away. Yup….all of it. All $167,380.00 worth of jewelry.  

Blue Topaz Earrings

About the Blue Topaz Earrings

Blue topaz symbolizes eternal love and friendship, clarity of feelings, and honesty. Gifting blue topaz to somebody signals a deep appreciation and love for them!

This beautiful pair of blue topaz earrings is priced at $899! The beautiful dangly earrings would match nicely with just about any color you wear and is guaranteed to bring out the sparkle in your smile. The light blue color is breathtaking and each earring is lined with a twisted 18K gold pattern.

Details to Know About This Piece

  • Metal:
    • Sterling silver and 18K gold
  • Stones:
    • Blue topaz
  • Value:
    • $899 USD 

Sunshine Effy Jewelry Giveaway

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