SunSHINE Jewelry Giveaway

Happy Monday, today in the VIP room, we are giving away another beautiful piece of Effy jewelry! We are excited to be announcing this authentic beautiful blue piece, it is so elegant.

If you have not read the story about how this beautiful jewelry came to our giveaway rooms, keep reading!

It is time for us to bring some more sunSHINE and happiness into your life with this giveaway! Today we have a beautiful blue lapis bracelet, worth $999 with 14 carat gold. It is a rich midnight blue that contrasts nicely with a gold bead at the center. 

This bracelet would add a brilliant pop of color to any outfit! If you are not someone for jewelry, well this bracelet would make a wonderful gift for someone special in your life. 

Blue lapis has been known to represent strength, courage, intellect, wisdom and truth. Take a second to be courageous and true with yourself and ask, “what is my inner truth”? Let us know it the bonus question what that question means to you! 

How We Got This Stash of Amazing Jewelry

Back in January (or maybe it was even earlier….ugh this entire year has just been a blur), I purchased over 100 pieces of the gorgeous Effy jewelry at liquidation prices.

The local Sears in Las Vegas was shutting down, and they were just clearing out all of their inventory of jewelry. So, I purchased the entire lot, thinking, “Oh, I can create an online discount jewelry store!”

The Effy fine jewelry is absolutely stunning with diamonds, rubies, garnets, sapphires and other precious stones. This is a very well-known brand (check out their stuff!) that’s sold at Macy’s Nordstrom’s, Sak’s Fifth, and high-end cruise ship jewelry stores.

We spent two months photographing the jewelry, building the online store and creating a business plan. Right when we were ready to launch….Covid happened.

Shakes fist in air….”curse you, covid!!!”

I just didn’t feel right launching a jewelry store when people were getting laid off left and right. So, I just put the project on hold, waiting for a better time.

But, that better time hasn’t come yet, and all this beautiful jewelry is just taking up space in my safe deposit box at the bank. AND…I lost my enthusiasm for being a jewelry store retailer.

SO….my team came up with the idea to just give it away. Yup….all of it. All $167,380.00 worth of jewelry.  

Blue Lapis Bracelet

About the Lapis Bracelet

Blue lapis represents strength, courage, intellect, wisdom and truth! It has been sought out by royalty throughout history for its beautiful rich blue color. 

This gorgeous bracelet is worth $999 and it is made of 14k gold. There are small rich blue lapis stones with a nice subtle dark texture on them with one gold piece in the middle. This bracelet is a must have, especially if your favorite color is blue (like me!). Good luck!

Details to Know About This Piece

  • Metal:
    • 14K gold
  • Stones:
    • Blue lapis
  • Value:
    • $999 USD 

Sunshine Effy Jewelry Giveaway

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SunSHINE Jewelry Giveaway

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