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Hello and welcome to the VIP room on Steamy Kitchen! Today in celebration of launching our microwave hub section on Steamy Kitchen, we are giving away a Toshiba Microwave to one lucky winner!

Steamy Kitchen is home to so many easy delicious microwave recipes. We are all about simplicity and flavor here. We will share a few microwave recipes with you in out video, share some handy microwave tools and check out the new Microwave Hub here!

Microwave cooking can save so much time and it is so convenient. Microwaves have become an essential part of everyone’s’ kitchen so its shocking that not everyone knows how to use it properly. It can be used for SO much more than defrosting frozen burritos and reheating coffee. 

Microwaves are equipped with many tools and there are even more accessories and extras you can find on Amazon. Healthy microwave cooking is real and its finally here on Steamy Kitchen! What is a kitchen tool that has improved your life? Share with us in the bonus question! 

I use my microwave all the time to cook rice in this rice cooker! It cooks perfectly every. Single. Time. It also saves me money because I don’t spend money on the bags of rice that you can nuke in 90 seconds. 

Top Amazon Microwave Products

Today we are going to share with you the top five microwave tools you never knew you needed!

First and most important, microwave rice and pasta cooker. This is a steamer that is microwave safe and will help you make the perfect fluffy rice every time. Of course you can use a bowl and cover it with a plate; however, this is designed specifically for cooking rice in the microwave and can cook 8 cups!

Next, the microwave egg boiler. We found that hard boiling eggs in the microwave can be extremely tedious and everyone’s microwave is different, but this tool leaves more room for recipe variation. It also consistently hard boils eggs all the way through after finding what works for you.

This microwave vegetable steamer will help you steam vegetables to warm juicy perfection. Pop veggies in, add water, cook and then slather with butter and season with salt and pepper. BAM perfect side dish for dinner in no time!

Ok, this tool is amazing. Baking is a fun and trendy right now, but an entire microwavable baking tin? Skip preheating the oven, mix brownie ingredients right in this tin, then pop the batter in the microwave to cook. Satisfy everybody’s sweet tooth fast!

Lastly, the microwavable bacon grill. This tool allows you to cook bacon in the microwave with no greasy mess to clean up after. Spray cooking spray on the inside of this tool, lay out some bacon strips, cover and place in the microwave to cook quick bacon strips. 

Toshiba Microwave

  • Pre-programmed sensor menu for optimum heating of popular foods like pizza, potatoes, veggies and more; Rated Voltage: 120V – 60Hz
  • Black Stainless Steel exterior, 20.5 x 17.1 x 12.8 inch (w x d x h), large 1.2 cubic feet capacity, cavity 13.07 x 15 x 9.5 inch (w x d x h), turn table 12.4 inch (diameter)
  • 1100 watts with 10 power settings, clock, and kitchen timer
  • Large digital display, easy-to-read control panel, glass turntable
  • 1100 watts with 10 power settings, clock, and kitchen timer
  • One touch start popcorn and two defrost settings – custom or one-pound auto defro Turntable diameter: 12.4 inches
  • Large digital display, easy-to-read control panel, power saving mode, sound on/off option, glass turntable. Rated input power (microwave): 1550 watt

This microwave oven features sensor function that takes the guesswork out from cooking. Built-in sensor constantly detects the humidity level of the food during cooking, then automatically adjusts time and temperature for optimal results.

The easy-to-clean coating is featured with hard-wearing material, making it scratch and stain resistant. Just a few wipes with a damp cloth to clean the interior, maintenance has never been so simple and convenient.

Don’t forget to check out your ultimate guide to microwave cooking here!


Toshiba Microwave Giveaway

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Toshiba Microwave Giveaway

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