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Kids these days are so tech savvy, it’s pretty scary. I gave Andrew and Nathan a small $60 Flip camcorder, about the size of a deck of cards and thought maybe they’ll have fun recording little “hi, I love you Grandma” type of messages. They quickly learned the camcorder’s very simple interface and let them loose. I thought I’d let them play with it for a few days, then upload videos to grandma and grandpa. Well, I totally underestimated my kids. In a span of three days, eighteen videos were already up on You Tube. Most of them were short one-minute clips starring their Lego figurines, namely R2-D2 and Darth Vader. Another video showed an intricate maze that they built with plastic, bendable Hot Wheels racetracks that curved around corners, up and over furniture and under the tables. The video camera followed a series of cars as they started on a track elevated up high from the breakfast nook, made a free-fall down the track and zoomed across the floor. I had to put on those motion sickness wristbands after watching those segments as the kids have yet to learn the art of smooth transition.

The last video was quite interesting, and I learned something new about my children. They pretend to be me when I’m not looking, okay, more like MOCK me! I must have gone out to the garden in the back to grab some herbs, when Nathan grabbed a stool, stood up at the counter, and Andrew turn the camera on to his brother, “hi-ho, I’m mommy. I do lots of cooking and you better eat your vegetables or I’ll hide broccoli in your ice cream.”

Then lots of giggles, the camera pans to the floor then you see little feet running. And that was the end of it.

So, I thought if they want to be me so much I’ll put them on television. A call to the producers at the Daytime show and explained that instead of my regular segment, I’d like to have the kids cook a couple of pizza dishes that they learned at a kids cooking class at Club Med Punta Cana last December. They were so excited that they created three different types of pizza recipes, a mini pizza with an English muffin, a larger pizza made on a pita round and little pizza racer cars that we found in a cookbook called Silly Snacks. Andrew and Nathan taped two segments, one which aired this morning and another sometime later this month.

I think this works out really well. The sooner than I teach them to do my job, the earlier I can retire. Maybe I’ll start having them write my blog posts and columns in the paper too.

Here’s a start, as I’ve just posted one of their pizza recipes, Kids Pizza Racers kids pizza racer recipe

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  1. Chris

    Funny, J! When I checked our camcorder last summer, I found vids of Trev and his friends
    1) holding one of their friends “prisoner” behind the glass door of the basement’s entertainment center
    2) climbing on top of my kick boxing bag
    3) making a rather bad Free Credit commercial.

    I have to talk to him about leaving trails of evidence behind…..

  2. Dana McCauley

    Very smart. However, I can tell you that from my own similar experience, that once they hit 11 they start to resist this kind of think vehemently. I used to be able to get my son to do media stuff with me but now that he’s older it’s just not worth the trouble.

  3. White On Rice Couple

    [Ring! Ring!] Hello? Is this Andrew and Nathan’s pizza parlor? I’d like to order an extra large cucumber pizza with olive eyeballs,puleeze!
    It’s so great to see both boys together with Steamy Mama. Great clip! Now we just need Papa on there too, make it the WHOLE Steamy family show!

  4. Joe

    Cute show. Nathan has quick thinking by biting half of cucumber to make the mouth on his face pizza. Andrew is an old hand on TV now.

  5. Janet

    Your kids are slowly taking over, lol. As long as they support and care for your when you retire, that’s ok! They are adorable, Jaden!

  6. justM

    Like mom like sons….keep doing like this, I’m sure they will become a top Steamy chefs too

  7. Murasaki Shikibu

    Your boys are so adorable. I made pizza on pita bread for years in Tokyo. I did this when I couldn’t be bothered to fire up my oven and made them inside my oven toaster. 🙂

  8. chadzilla

    Sorry, but I have to take Nathan’s side on the pizza sauce. It should be a barely visible smear across the bread. I constantly have to remind our cooks that too much sauce on a pizza just ruins the whole thing. What great chef-sense and powers of observation at an early age! Sign him up for a stage.

  9. finsbigfan

    Thanks for this post. After a really crappy day this put a smile on my face. You have two beautiful boys and such little stars!

  10. deborah P.S.

    I think it’s terrific having your boys in the kitchen!
    Kids + cooking = adventuress eaters, always a good thing 🙂

  11. Cakebrain

    I had to laugh when you took over and tried to wreck Nathan’s pizza by taking over and putting too much sauce on! har har! he knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he! cute kids. You can probably retire if you groom them to do your show and pimp them for a cooking series!

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