Welcome to Grow!


I am excited to say we are adding a new section to Steamy Kitchen called Grow! OK, it’s not really a new section, but rather a new sub section under our Homestead heading. It’s focus will be on growing your own food. It’s mission – to inspire you to grow something, anything you might use in your kitchen. It’s an …


Hatching Baby Ducks!

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.40.53 PM

Almost exactly a month ago, we ordered 20 fertile duck eggs online and 2 incubators – one for each of the boys’ classrooms. For 27 days, the kids took daily measurements of the eggs (weighing each egg over time), monitored growth through a candler, made sure the eggs were rotated and kept the temperature and humidity in check. Each egg was …


Our Aquaponic Potatoes In A Barrel Experiment

Growing Sweet Potatoes

We’re getting excited! Our primary growing season here in Florida is nearly upon us. We are hard at work prepping the raised beds, earthboxes, and updating the aquaponics system. We’ll be sharing what we learned from phase 1 of our aquaponics in an upcoming post as well as introduce you to phase 2. In the mean time, we wanted to …


Ducklings learning to swim


  The great thing about living near a farm store is that I no longer need to have baby fowl delivered via postal service. The bad thing about living near a farm store is that I just cannot stay away. Last week, the kids and I snuck over there while Scott was out of town and brought this little guy …


Ridiculously handsome duck


Hi. My name is Duckee Momo. I like to blog. I’m a ridiculously handsome duck. Do you want to read what I wrote? Are you suuuure?……….Okay, I’ll show you!   Oh yes, you read that right…..eat mor beef. Beef is yummy. Ducks are not. In addition to blogging, we can do other chores too, like picking kale from the garden. That’s my …


Angry Birds


Our 10 hens are happy hens, they faithfully lay around 8 eggs per day and get to eat all the garden veggies they want. There are specific plants that I grow just for them, like my ginormous cabbage that produces leaves as big as a vampire’s appetite. Unfortunately, they also like my delicate lettuce leaves too, so we haven’t had …


New Aquaponics System

Small Koi Fish

The most asked question about aquaponics is “What is aquaponics?” But a close runner up and usually follows the answer to the first by about 2.362518 seconds is “Why aquaponics?” While the question does offer the opportunity for one to climb on the soap box and wax endlessly about the challenges and irresponsibilities of the modern agricultural industry complex, I …


Aqua what? Aquaponics.

Scott's Aquaponics

“You want to build what? An Aquaponics system? Sure. Go ahead. What is an aquaponics system?” You see that’s what I love about Jaden. She is a totally supportive, massive action type of girl. Me on the other hand, I am more of the planning and research type. I will research, double check, learn as much as I can before …


We’re building an aquaponics garden!


I’ve learned very important lesson as a mother. It’s how to get my family to do things that they might not want to do. Some may call it manipulation, but I prefer to refer to it as mutually beneficial collaboration. For example, if I want my youngest to take interest in something, all I have to do is to tell …


My hens are teenagers


This summer, our little itty bitty baby chicks that arrived in April began laying eggs. It usually takes about 6 months before chickadees develop into egg-layers, and like an impatient mother, I kept looking in the coop twice a day to check if my babies were growing right. Well, grow they did! And fast, too – these kids spend most …


How we make compost in 3 days


I’m almost as obsessed with compost as I am with food. Well, they are related, right? Living out here has taught our family how to conserve resources – like many non-city folk, we have our own well (and no, we don’t have to churn buckets down a deep hole – it’s a little more sophisticated than that), a massive underground …


Chick Update: 15 Days Old


It’s been so quiet the past couple of days (taxes done, manuscript submitted, Scott out of town, kids at school) — unnaturally quiet until last night when I think Buddha just decided that our house needed an interjection of chaos to bring things back to normal. I’ve been keeping the baby chicks in the covered patio, in a big plastic tub filled …