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Giveaway: Recipe Cards and Gift Stickers

These adorable recipe cards make the perfect gift and are a great way to organize your favorite family recipes.

Invitation Consultants recipe cards and gift sticker giveaway
Included in this giveaway:

1 set of 50 recipe cards (choose any of the designs in this gallery)

1 set of 50 gift stickers (choose any of the designs in this gallery)

From . . .

Bialetti Aeternum Pink Saute Pans

Giveaway: Bialetti Aeternum Pink Saute Pans

Italy’s #1 selling ceramic non-stick saute pan goes pink but stays “green” as an eco-friendly choice in cookware.

Bialetti Aeternum Pink Saute Pans Giveaway
Included in this giveaway:

two (2) Bialetti Aeternum Pink Saute Pans, a 9.5″ (24cm) pan and an 11″ (28cm) pan (A $69 value!)

From Bialetti:

Our beautiful “Aeternum” line of cookware combines a beautiful design with modern . . .


Glen Grant Scotch and my Scottish Dad

Scott’s Scotch Corner: In my office I have two cabinets, one filled with single malt Scotch whiskys that I refere to as my everyday drinking scotches. The other cabinet holds my ever growing rare Scotch collection. These bottles are held in reserve for those special occasions like zero year birthdays and anniversaries. I justify keeping them around because of their …

blendtec blender giveaway

Giveaway: Blendtec Total Blender Designer Series


We’re pleased to introduce the all-new Total Blender Designer Series™. It has been engineered to bring a whole new level of beauty and functionality to the high-end blender category, without compromising the famous power and efficiency of our Total Blender Classic Series™.

Complete Speed Control
Vivid Icons
New Sleek Design
Cleans Up in Seconds
Versatile Functionality

Artfully Engineered™
The Designer Series will . . .


How we make compost in 3 days

I’m almost as obsessed with compost as I am with food. Well, they are related, right? Living out here has taught our family how to conserve resources – like many non-city folk, we have our own well (and no, we don’t have to churn buckets down a deep hole – it’s a little more sophisticated than that), a massive underground …


Manly men knit, right?!

Earlier this week, I had mentioned in my email newsletter that Nathan was embarrassed to let his friends know that he knits. Well, I got so many email responses from wonderful, supportive readers that I thought it would be great to post this on Steamy Kitchen and let Nathan read all the responses. Last Thursday, we had a neurological check …


Zucchini Frittata Recipe

I’ve known Giuliano, Lael and the girls since their early days of the blog. The Hazan’s live in Sarasota, Florida, just a few minutes hop down the interstate from us. If you’re not familiar with Giuliano, I’m sure you’ve heard of his mother, Italian cooking doyenne, Marcella Hazan, whom I was lucky enough to spend time with a couple of …


$100 Startup

I’ve had a keen mind for business for as long as I can remember – when I was a little girl, I used to ask myself, “how can I make this more fun?” – a question that got me and my inquisitive mind in trouble quite a bit. I think I spent more time in the time out corner holding …


Cod with Hazelnut Browned Butter

A few months ago, I thought it would be fun to make hazelnut milk. Yes, fun to make, fun to sip, but the concoction was so rich that sipping was all we could do….that is….until we discovered that adding a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream to it made it fantastically addictive. We haven’t made hazelnut milk since – but with …