Happy Monday, I hope everyone is having a great summer! Today on Steamy Kitchen, we are giving away a paddle board that you can take to the lake or ocean. It is inflatable and easy to take along on outdoor adventures!

TUSY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 11FT

  • RELIABLE SERVICE】These SUP boards provide a 1-year warrantye. You could play with no worries. If you have any dissatisfaction with our paddle board, please feel free to contact us. Your question will be answered within 24 hours.
  • 【PREMIUM & MAX CAPACITY】The wide and thick inflatable stand up paddle board is 11’*32’’*6’’. Composed of thickened PVC and drop-stitch materials with Large EVA cushioned deck,which increases both comfort and friction(anti-slip). Ultra light weight of 22lbs and 350lbs max weight capacity e.g. 1 adult + 2 kids, or puppies.
  • 【EASY SETUP】Blow up the paddle board to full with little effort in minutes. The PSI can reach max 20+. The grab handle makes it convenient to move the paddle board.
  • 【PORTABLE & COMPLETE ACCESSORIES】The SUP inflatable paddle board can be deflated and rolled into a compact backpack, which is convenient for storage and transportation. All accessories can easily fit into the large-capacity backpack: adjustable aluminum paddle, safety leash, hand pump, detachable fin, repair kit and backpack. You have one, then you have all.

DIY Water Games

Have fun with the kids or make it a fun wet drinking game with the adults! These games are cost efficient for a summer day of fun challenges in the backyard.

Find a plastic table cloth or two, layer them and use steaks to nail the corners into the ground–instant slip n’ slide. This option is good for one night of fun, if your looking for something more durable, check out this option on amazon! 

Create an obstacle course that includes the slip n slide:

  • slide down the slip n slide on an inflatable raft
  • include a flip on the trampoline
  • make a shot into a hoop
  • find a sink toy at the bottom on the pool

Bring out the Twister mat, (if you don’t have one, here you go) flick on the sprinklers and play an extra challenging game of Twister. If you’re up for an even bigger challenge, make it a drinking game by placing an alcoholic beverage on every other colored dot.

Use a hose to create a horizontal line of water and see who can limbo the lowest without touching the water. I love this game because if you need to stand up, you just rip through a stream of water rather than smashing into a limbo stick. But if you wanted a limbo stick, you can get one on Amazon.

This ones a classic, have a water balloon fight! This game always gets intense with my family, there’s lots of sneaking up on people and hiding water balloons until there is one last balloon, saved to pelt a loser with. The way a family has a water balloon fight says a lot haha! These water balloons are amazing because they all fill up at one time so you can batch a ton of water balloons for everybody!

Frozen items challenge, this game/challenge is always fun and it’s super easy to do at home. Choose items like a shirt, a toy, drink–really anything– in a bowl of water and then place it in the freezer over night. 

This game is super easy to play in Vegas because it is so stinking hot here that the ice will probably thaw out in minutes. But to speed up the process, people can use any methods you deem acceptable to try and thaw out the frozen item.

This can include:

  • hugging or sitting on the item
  • using heat from the barbecue  
  • using hot water
  • having multiple people place their hands on the item


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