Coconut Frozen Yogurt

Coconut Frozen Yogurt

Just about everyone I knew in California lushed about Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt and it just drove me totally insane that I live 1,600 miles from the closest Pinkberry. How could the entire state of California be so incredibly obsessed with frozen yogurt of all things?? How good could this frozen yogurt taste for people to endure 45 minutes in line and $35 parking tickets?

Fro-yo was so 1985 – the same category that I file anomalies like M.C. Hammer, parachute pants, fingerless lace gloves and mile high bangs courtesy of AquaNet hairspray. Is it coming back in vogue again? But just two flavors? No chocolate? I had to book a ticket to come home and just see for myself. Of course, I justified the trip by saying, “oh, I’m coming to visit parents!” – but we all know my real motivation was to chase fro-yo around the globe.

This was nothing like the frozen yogurt that I remember from the 80’s. Instead it was tangy, creamy, luscious, full and rich. Given the choice of Haagen Dazs ice cream or Coconut Frozen Yogurt, there is no contest…fro-yo all the way, baby. I’m still going to L.A. next week so I’ll report back on how it compares to Pinkberry. Can’t afford an ice cream maker? Then you’ve gotta try this idea over at Obsession with Food.

Coconut Frozen Yogurt

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