Orange-Chilli-Ricotta Frozen Yogurt

Orange-Chilli-Ricotta Frozen Yogurt
I am certainly not as talented as Gattina, who created a perfect Orange & Chilli Ricotta Cheesecake . Even her description of the cheesecake is so poetic….”a little shy girl who needs a little nudging to shine in the spotlight.”So, you know where I’m going with this. My version, not so elegant, is like a teenage girl discovering miniskirt, push-up bra and hot pink lipstick for the first time.
My last experiment with frozen yogurt was so delicious that I just had to try a sexier version. The ricotta makes the yogurt smooth and rich. The chilli is a sensation that only lingers for a second, tracing the path of the cool yogurt as it moves from tip of tongue to back of throat.

Of course, you don’t need me to remind you to buy David’s book if you can find it. This is where the homemade frozen yogurt craze started, and my Orange Chilli Ricotta Frozen Yogurt is just an adaptation of his methods. I don’t even own his book yet! When I was in L.A. last week, I couldn’t find the book in 3 different shops around town. David emailed back and said to stop being so damn inefficient and just click over to Amazon and just buy it from there. Sheesh. Has the internet taken over our lives? Maybe I can get the internet to do my laundry too.

I’m not the only one with ice cream and chilli on my mind….check out Cloudberry Quark’s Lemon Chilli Ice Cream

Orange-Chilli-Ricotta Frozen Yogurt


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