Faux sushi? Oh heck yeah! I’ve actually tried this sushi candy in the video below, but my end result ended up looking more like a mis-shapen wad of gum. Watch the pro:

via Geek O System

If you’re not into the geeky sushi, you can make them out of rice crispies and fruit roll-ups like Mommy Knows. Sugar me out, baby!

sushi candy

From Twinkies and Swedish Fish like Not Martha and more here at Evil Mad Scientist.

sushi candy not martha

The fish here is actually pieces of dried fruit like mango and papaya – from Dabbled

sushi candy dot

Peepshi = Peeps Sushi on Serious Eats

Sushi Cupcakes made from sprinkles, fondant and butter cream from Not So Humble Pie and a great step-by-step on The Party Animal.


Jellybeans for the “roe”, piece of lemon cake for the “tamago” from Vivian’s Blog-o-Rama

So you ready to start? How to make candy sushi video from Howcast.

If DIY isn’t your thing, you can order a sushi cake from Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia.

Let’s take a detour to savory….what do you think this is? Find out on Trissalicious

sushi pasta

Or ditch the whole faux sushi idea and just go for the real thing. Real sashimi and sushi on a rice cake. Order from Shime Sushi in Japan.

Getting married? A sushi wedding cake.