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I’ve featured hand-made cutting boards before – and my beloved custom made black walnut cutting board from Eric Childress is still sitting happily on my counter. It’s a permanent fixture, I had the countertop measured and sent Eric the dimensions of what I wanted and a few weeks later it arrived.

Here are some gorgeous hand carved and finished cutting boards I found on Etsy.

I just purchased a footed cutting board from Gray Works Design from Woodstock NY, and have gotten so many compliments on it that I’m now using it as a display for fruit. It’s too pretty to cut on! Gray Works only uses locally harvested sustainable or salvaged wood.

Salvaged Sycamore Cutting Board ($135)

Rustic Black Walnut ($75)

Sustainably harvested hackberry wood – Buttery Hackberry Footed Platte ($115)

Appalachian Joinery has a Warm Nut Brown and Smokey Gray English Walnut Cutting Board ($40)

Old Furnace Woodworks features a very unique shaped cutting board made of Big Leaf Maple ($85)

Red Onion Woodworks from Philomath, Oregon is selling this Extra Thick natural Edge Wooden Cutting Board ($108)

Or how about this Burl Burst Natural Edge Serving Tray – okay, it’s too pretty to cut on, but perfect for a cheese and bread board. ($84)

TallyLocke from Portland, Oregon features cutting boards with a modern flair – using sustainably harvested black walnut ($38)

End grain cutting boards are better quality, better for your knives and last much longer as they are “self healing” due to the way the grain of the wood run. They are also very pretty with its geometic designs. Here’s one from Saved From a Fire using bits and ends of wood from Ash to Zebrawood. A little pricey because it’s end-grain, but well worth it as it will last you a lifetime. ($250)

For something a little more unique, this is a wood-burned cutting board ($21) from Family M (type of wood unknown)

Aspen Custom in Crossville makes Maple cutting blocks. This is a limited edition – only 12 left! ($135)

Lastly, I’ve been eyeing this baby for a while. It’s double-sided – use one side for veg, the other for meats, the handles come apart so you can flip the board (one side of the handles feature rubber feet so your cutting board won’t slide. End-grain. Carolina Wood Designs Tiger Wood Cutting Board ($295)


Ann from Thibeaults Table in Canada uses wood that’s been air-dried for 3-4 YEARS before carved and finished in the kiln. This one #103 is made from a solid piece of big leaf maple and is 2-inches thick. Ann says, “The figure in that board is what I love about big leaf (western maple).  It is loaded with the  beautiful figures of  quilt, a little birds eye and some spalt. We use only reclaimed maple for our boards.  No tree was cut down specifically to make our boards. Usually the tree came down because it was in the way of power lines, or came down in a storm, etc…. We have a good relationship with a number of retired tree fallers on the island.  Many of them have wood that they milled themselves and then left it to air dry for a number of years.”

If you think these boards are expensive, let Faith from The Nearest Future show you what it takes to make a wooden cutting board by hand!