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After moving out of the dorms in college, I found an apartment to share with 3 others. My job was to cook, and as long as what I put out on the dinner table was better than instant ramen, I didn’t have to clean the kitchen or vacuum. A mighty fine trade of labor, if you ask me! But then pretty soon, friends of roommates discovered my cooking talent and would conveniently drop by at around 7pm….(read the rest plus my Broccoli Beef recipe over at Simply Recipes where I’m a monthly guest writer)

But if you’re interested in food photography, I’ve posted 11 more photos of the Broccoli Beef- you’ll see how important white balance is and also different light source.

Oh and I have a big WTF bone to pick about my local election ballot…

This many double negatives should be illegal

Yesterday morning, Scott and I dropped the kids off at school and then headed over to our local voting place – which was at a church.* I had been so focused mesmerized hypnotized by all the media focus on the presidential election that I totally, absolutely neglected backyard politics, which was even NASTIER mudslinging than any other election. My bad, but hey, I’m admitting it, okay?

So, in true high school style of cramming for test right before the bell rings, I read over my sample ballot. I quickly made my decisions on the local politicians and then get to the constitutional amendments:

NO. 3
Changes and Improvements Not
Affecting the Assessed Value of
Residential Real Property
Authorizes the Legislature, by
general law, to prohibit
consideration of changes or
improvements to residential real
property which increase resistance
to wind damage and installation of
renewable energy source devices
as factors in assessing the
property’s value for ad valorem
taxation purposes. Effective upon
adoption, repeals the existing
renewable energy source device
exemption no longer in effect.



Someone slap me with a rotted buffalo leg! WTF was that again? How in the world does an average American understand that language?**

It’s as if someone took those word magnets, jumbled them all up and a team of highly paid business analysts crowded all around the the refrigerator and started stringing random words together. Except, instead of the original or naughty or religious version of the word magnets, they chose to use the box that was called “Bullshit Generator.”

*whatever happened to separation of church and state!?

**I’d like to think I’m a pretty average American, but I could be delusional


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