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Day number three, we celebrate with AirBnB! 

Enter to win a $100 AirBnB gift card so you can staycation somewhere in your city or town.

You deserve a get away weekend to yourself or with a loved one! Find beautiful unique locations with AirBnB that will make you forget you never left home.

Find luscious green views in your own backyard. Venture out into the unknown and explore different AirBnBs until you find the staycation gem.

AirBnB hosts are there to ensure that you have the most stress-free stay as possible. Read the reviews to see who provides the best services and offers!

AirBnB’s website is easy to use and will find a location near you ASAP. The reviews and amenities list provide helpful advice that will help you make the right decision for where you spend your staycation.

Get away for a weekend and have a new experience. You don’t need to go far to make new memories.

Simply book your stay online at an AirBnB near you 

Staycations are important to mental health. 

Dedicating time to yourself to relieve pressure and stress is a must

Staycations are less stressful than traveling! You don’t need to worry about transportation or forgetting to pack something. Just take it nice and easy with the planning and prepping.

Find a place that makes you feel excited to relax. Enjoy a view by yourself or with your partner and just be in the present moment, away from busy fast-paced life.

Slow your scroll! Where would you book a stay if you won this AirBnB gift card?

Staycation $100 AirBnB Gift Card Giveaway

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