PayPal with Purpose: Enter Our $100 Gift Card Giveaway and Spread Kindness

We believe in spreading kindness and making a positive impact on the world. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our PayPal with Purpose! $100 Gift Card Giveaway—a chance for you to win while also contributing to a charitable cause.

Win this giveaway and we will be sending you $50 CASH via PayPal plus donating $50 to a charity of your choice.

We want to share some gratitude with our community–thank you for supporting these giveaways!

$100 paypal cash giveaway


The world can always use a little more good.

Today we’re sharing with you 5 budget friendly ways you can give back to your community.

5 Budget Friendly Ways to Give Back to Community

Donate Blood

In Las Vegas, when the October 1st shooting happened, the community stepped up and everyone, I mean everyone was donating blood, food and water to the hospitals here. It was an amazing moment of community coming together and taking care of each other. You can quite literally save a life by donating blood.


community clean up


Volunteer for a community clean up! Type in a quick google search for “community clean up near me” or click here to find a clean up location near you. No cleanup in your area? Organize and register your very own! Make some posters (or social media posts) to spread the word and register your event online to get started. 

charity walk

Charity Miles

Most of us walk or run every day whether it be to work, across campus or for exercise. Start donating to charity while you get those steps in with the free Charity Miles app! Simply download the app, make an account and choose the charity you feel passionate about then start moving! Personally, I like to dance and sing around my house every hour while working from home–yes the app tracks dancing too!


Lastly, donate unwanted items to charity. You can easily make this option a regular part of your routine, I find it cleansing to get rid of items that are no longer serving me once a month. Clothes I don’t wear anymore, fuzzy blankets because I have too many, or old items in the garage that I will never use again (I just donated an old bike the other day). 

PayPal with Purpose! $100 Gift Card

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