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This giveaway is for you if you are on the computer all day or suffer from arthritis.

Today we have an electric hand massager to giveaway to one lucky winner!

This hand massager helps relieve hand pain from typing, arthritis, etc.

Enjoy a gentle hand massage that hits all of the right pressure points in your hand.

Our hands do a lot for us so you should take the time to tend to them if you are in pain.

We will share a few tips with you on ways you can relieve hand pain (even if you don’t have a massager).

3 Ways to Relieve Hand Pain


Use your other hand to give the hand that’s in pain a nice gentle massage with some lotion. If you lived with a loved one, you can ask them to kindly give your hand a massage to provide some relief.


Stretch your wrists daily. Take some time to stretch out your wrists in the morning and in the evening to help with blood flow.

Ice and Heat

Apply heat to your wrist to temporarily relieve wrist pain. If you have an injury, use ice first to calm the swelling and then apply heat to soothe.

Now for this amazing giveaway!

Touchscreen Electric Hand Massager

While other hand massagers hurt your sore fingers due to strong pressure or just break after a few weeks, the new Lunix LX7 pressure point therapy massager provides an intense massage to your preferred hand area, 100% adjustable to your needs. LX7 hand massager offers 4 levels of massage & intensity, combines compression, heat (it provides a gentle warmth, around 104°F – enough to relax & enhance the benefits of the massage) and vibration to offer you the closest feeling to a real hand massage.

You deserve painless & relaxing days! You want to get rid of finger numbness, joint soreness, relieve the pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel and relax your hand after a long day of working.

We designed the most efficient finger & palm massager with heat for your needs. No matter if you do manual work, play an instrument, type at work or play sports, you will feel its wonders on your tired hands and enjoy a relaxing mood with this handheld massager.

Our mission is to improve your health! Featuring a 15/20/30 min timer and a more attractive design that allows you to choose the ideal massage compression level, our new LX7 premium massager for hands uses acupressure therapy by compressing your hand, stimulate your acupoints and Improve blood circulation.

Over 300 physical hand therapy patients have successfully tested the massage tool and they experienced a decrease in arthritis pain and faster recovery after carpal tunnel surgery.


Hand Pain Be Gone! Hand Massager Giveaway

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