Hello and welcome to our Gratitude + Glitz $250 Cash Prize! We are giving away your favorite prize–CASH! It has been epic launching one giveaway every single day and we hope you enjoyed being surprised with a new prize every day.


gratitude + glitz $250 cash prize giveaway

The theme of this giveaway is gratitude and glitz because we have so much gratitude for you–yes YOU!

Thank you for supporting our giveaways and for always coming back to Steamy Kitchen and seeing what we have in store.


We’ll be sharing a few ways that you can express gratitude in every day life and spread gracious energy.

Attitude of Gratitude 

Gratitude is simple and leading with a thankful heart will make sure your day improves!


Create a gratitude journal. There are many gratitude journal prompts to guide you and get you started. 

Journaling about gratitude will shift your mindset into placing gratitude at the forefront. Life is so much better when you live with an attitude of gratitude because you are always finding new ways to appreciate the present moment. 

Express Thankfulness

This can be buying a cup of coffee for your co-working, stopping by the store to buy flowers for a loved on or just giving someone a hug and affirmation. 

You can also express thankfulness to yourself by embracing yourself and dropping a kiss on your shoulder. Or treat yourself to your favorite dinner and a decadent desert.

Be Present

Don’t get stuck in the past and stop worrying about the future. As many wise people have stated, the present moment is the only one you can be sure of so live in it.

One of the best ways to cultivate gratitude is to begin noticing small beauties in every day life and being grateful for them! Things as simple as a sweet cool summer breeze or the way someone you love walks into a room. 


Think of something happy or simply give gratitude to the fact that you have woken up to yet another beautiful day.

The science behind smiling has shown that smiling stimulates happy chemicals in our brains. Engaging your smile muscles, sends signals to the reward system of your brain and in turn, your brain releases happy endorphins–even if you aren’t in the best mood. 


Celebrate yourself and all of your accomplishments! Start small like when you wake up on time or remember to grab your car keys before walking out the door. 

This will begin to help you express gratitude towards yourself rather than getting angry or mentally beating yourself up.

$250 CASH 

Win $250 CASH to spend on yourself and loved ones! How could you spend $250 to make someone else’s day? 

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Gratitude + Glitz $250 Cash Prize!

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