Jaden’s Weight Loss Journey

At the start of this year, I remarked to a friend that, “I, too, was a victim of the Covid-15!”

I comforted my period of lockdown and isolation with fried foods. I had inherited a deep fat fryer from my brother, and I had certainly put it to good use.But the moment the word, “victim” left my lips, it felt wrong. I was not (and will never be) a victim of anything!
In every single moment, you get to make a choice.
Those small little decisions that you make daily define who you are and the direction that you are heading in.The star of Million Dollar Listing, Ryan Serhant, often says that leaders make choices based on their commitments and not feelings.
Some of the choices I made last year were not consistent with the commitment that I made to take care of my body. Instead, I pointed to the big plate of french fries (again) because I *felt* a craving for it.Making better choices is a practice. It’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised.
The same way you can’t develop a 6-pack with one big session of sit-ups, you cannot create discipline with one major decision.Progress and excellence comes from the little daily choices that stack and add up over time. The good choice you make in the next hour, makes it easier to make another good choice.
Back in January, I re-committed to respecting my health and my body. The deep fat fryer went into a box and was placed high up in the garage, requiring a tall ladder if I ever wanted to retrieve it again.
My Small Daily Choices: 
  • If I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t eat.
  • I slowed down my eating, and took every bite consciously.
  • I stopped snacking on shitty foods.
  • At meals, the amount of food I ate was only as much as my two hands, cupped could hold.
Having that visual reference helped me not overeat.Last week, I went back to my photographer for another shoot, this time, celebrating a healthier, leaner body that I was proud of.
Consistently making choices based on my commitment to live the best possible life, for as long as possible feels good.
That muscle feels strong.I’ve got a nice groove going and decisions that used to be hard to make (like french fries or carrots?) don’t even require brain-space anymore, almost like on auto-pilot.You can check out the most recent photo shoot in July compared to one from January above!

I’d love to hear from you… what decisions are you currently making based on commitments vs. feelings? 


  1. Congratulations As someone that’s had scale issues my entire life, GREAT JOB getting healthier. I too gained weight. In July I was 215 and as of this morning I’m 179. For me what works is intermittent fasting. I have whatever I want for a one hour window (4-5pm) then I’m done until the next day. Lately I’ve been eating a protein & vegetable. Again Congratulations and you look AMAZING! ❤️

  2. Abstaining from gluten for about 5 years when I learned having Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism cause gluten intolerance. My husband’s been off gluten for 2 years, and also feeling much better, so we’re in this together. It’s better now that there’s never any gluten in our home.

  3. Wonderful, Jaden!
    Agree, losing weight is a “lifestyle change” and not a “diet” – it’s a total change in how we approach everything about food.

    Thank you for your thoughts and approach on your journey.

  4. I loved your weight loss story. You are 100% correct when it comes to weight loss…non of us are victims, it’s the poor choices we make that make use gain the weight. It is also the correct choices and changes we make in our diets that help us loose the weight. There are no magic pills, diets, etc that will make the body loose the weight. It is good food choices and exercise. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I hope it inspires others to look closer at the food choice they are making and if needed to make the change to make better choices.


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