We all know it’s fall, but did you know that October is also Emotional Wellness Month? 🎃

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With the rush of daily life and responsibilities, we often forget to focus on our own self-care. Suddenly, we find ourselves in the midst of burnout with no idea how we got there!

One of the ways we can practice emotional wellness is through Mindful Eating which has been shown to lower cortisol levels (the dreaded stress hormone!).

For the month of October, we’re highlighting one core tenant of Mindful Eating each week to promote and enhance your emotional health.

Today, we’re focusing on: Non-judgement.

fall, autumn, pumpkin, eating, food

When we’re not rushing through our meals, we’re usually worrying about some aspect of what we’re eating. Non-judgement encourages us to show up to our meals with curiosity, leaving any prior associations or connotations we have with food behind. We let go of how we might look or feel months from now, and simply experience the moment. We don’t judge our food, ourselves, or any past negative occurrences. We treat each meal as an opportunity for a new experience, and act merely as an observer. By doing this, we open ourselves up to fully embracing the here and now and invite the chance for fresh, mindful awareness. 🧠

What are some of your favorite ways to practice emotional wellness?