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Can you believe it’s almost the end of October?
​We’re wrapping up Emotional Wellness Month with our last Mindful Eating Monday, and our final tenet…


mindfulness, mindful eating, acceptance, wellness

​Acceptance is the difference between presence and distraction. It’s mindfulness at its core. 

Many times, we find ourselves anywhere but here. If we’re always projecting ourselves into the future or focused on the potential grass that might be greener somewhere other than where we are, we lose sight of the present moment. And that definitely shows up when we eat. 

​I could be somewhere else. 
​I could be eating something better. 
​I could look different than I do. 
​I could feel some other way. 

Often, could gets in the way of what is, and doesn’t allow us to honor ourselves or the moment the way we should. 

​With acceptance, we release all expectations and embrace the now. 
Sure, we can make current decisions that will affect the course of our future, as we should, but there is so much advantage in holding space for the now.

​I like to use this mantra, especially during meals:

This moment is as it was meant to be. 

mindfulness, acceptance, moment, now, presence

​This is me. 
​This is where I am. 
​This is my meal. 
​This is how I feel. 
​And that’s okay. 

​You can change your day, your food, your destination, your life as you know it as you please, but meals are the perfect time to stop and simply… honor the now. 

​How will you practice acceptance this week?