Hello Steamy Kitchen fam, today we have partnered with Circulon to review and give away a brand new ten piece cookware set to one lucky winner! 

This review and giveaway is for the Circulon Steelshield C-Series 10 Piece Tri-Ply Clad Nonstick Cookware Set w/ 2-piece Bonus Utensil Set. Read below for our review, including PROs and CONs of the set! -jaden

About Circulon

“From eggs to oatmeal to fondue to flounder, the Circulon TOTAL® Nonstick System of raised circles and triple-layer premium nonstick reduces surface abrasion from cooking utensils to enhance nonstick durability and deliver flawless food release and the easiest of cleanups every time. Available on interior and exterior cookware surfaces, our nonstick is so good it lasts 15x longer* than the competition.”

About the Cookware Set

“Designed for the way you cook today, tri-ply clad stainless steel cookware with SteelShield(tm) technology features steel peaks to protect the nonstick grooves so you never have to worry about scratched nonstick again. Easy-to-clean flat rivet system provides an amazingly smooth cooking surface, and tri-ply clad construction heats up quickly to reduce hot spots on any cooktop, including induction. Plus, SteelShield nonstick is completely metal utensil safe. To prove it, we even included a pair of stainless steel utensils in the set! Cooks like clad, cleans like nonstick. Circulon SteelShield gives you the best of both worlds.”

Circulon Steelshield C-Series Nonstick Cookware Set Review

We’ve been using this set at my home for the past 6 weeks – as my everyday pan, as well as for all my television cooking segments. I should note that I also have two teenage boys in the home who love to cook with metal utensils – forks and spoons. 


  • The pans are huge, great for cooking and not worrying about anything flying out over the edges. I cook for a lot of people – my family and my extended family who conveniently come over right around dinnertime – because of course, why wouldn’t they!? I’m always there to feed them LOL. 
  • The raised rings are a unique addition to Circulon’s design that prevent scratches and abrasions to the nonstick surface. The set comes with a metal spatula – so it’s made for metal utensils. My teenage boys love this feature – because that means I don’t have to yell at them anymore. 
  • All of the pieces are non-stick! Makes cleaning easy and keeps pans lasting longer. Circulon’s saying is, “cooks like clad, cleans like nonstick.” which is so very true. 
  • The handles are comfortable and sturdy. Plus the unique lid handles are easy to grab while wearing oven mitts. 

  • These pots and pans can be used on any surface (including induction) and are oven safe up to 500ºF for the cookware and 350ºF for the lids.
  • The pans heat up fairly fast and cook food evenly with no oil or cooking spray required! We cooked an egg in the pan with no oil and it slid right off. 
  • The flat rivets make for easy cleaning and ensures no food gets stuck in the interior.

The tri-ply clad and the steel rings lets me sear proteins beautifully. Here’s a video that I shot right after doing a television segment!


  • The raised circular stainless steel rings are more difficult to clean. If you don’t wash the pan right away, the rings will discolor from the grease. I highly suggest washing the pan while hot. But if the discoloration doesn’t bother you – it does no harm. I wish they would have made the rings black instead!


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