Hello and welcome to the Steamy Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide for 2021. I have put together some of my favorite items to gift (and things that are on my own wish list) for this year! Check out our favorite options below! Happy gifting! 

2021 Holiday Gift Guide  

For The Coffee Lover – Ember Smart Mug With Temp Control : $119.00

This is the mug that I use ALL the time and have fallen in love with! I have a classic habit of making a piping hot cup of keto-coffee or green tea, then jumping into work, realizing that an hour has passed by and my cup is still half full. With the Ember Smart Mug, I don’t have to fret as it keeps my beverage warm – a working from home dream! I would never think I would buy a $100+ coffee mug, but here we are and I love every minute of it! 

Shop The Ember Smart Mug Here! 


Ember Smart Mug

For Art Lover – The Original Buddha Board Art Set: $37.95

Now you know I love Buddha Bowls for mindful eating, but I also love this Buddha BOARD to practice mindfulness and relaxation. Something about the strokes that appear only with water and fade away bring so much peace and gentleness to any day. If you have a family member on your gift buying list who might need to slow things way down this next year, this may be the perfect gift! This is also fun for teenagers to practice mindfulness in an artistic way as well! 

Shop The Original Buddha Board Art Set Here! 


Buddha Board Art Set

For The Space Lover – 3D Moon Lamp: $36.95

Bring the galaxy to your bedroom or living room with this fun 3D Moon Lamp! This may be advertised as a “kids” lamp but I think it is just as cool for us adults (if that is what we like to call ourselves – ha!). This is something I will be buying my sons to elevate their room in a fun and cool way and might just have to get one for myself! It also comes with a remote control to change up colors and dim the light to any brightness! Shine bright with this lamp! 

Shop 3D Moon Lamp Here! 

3D Moon Lamp and remote

For The Home Chef – Custom KitchenAid Mixer – Starting at $320.00

If you are wanting to gift something that is a complete show stopper for any home chef in your life – these custom KitchenAid mixers are it! Choose colors, patterns for the bowls and attachments. This is a dream come true for many home chefs! You can even engrave a name or saying into the mixer for an extra special touch. These mixers last for years and are definitely a great investment as they are also so multi-purposed. If your custom choices are sold out, a gift card works great to be able customize when back in stock! 

Shop The Custom KitchenAid Mixers Here! 

Original Image Courtesy of KitchenAid 


For The Furry Friend– Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed $29.99

I am a firm believer that our dogs deserve the best in this life, who is with me? And with that comes a memory foam dog bed! This dog bed I thought was such a nice treat for any furry friends you have with different patterns, colors and sizes! 

Shop The Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed Here! 

Dog sleeping on the Barkbox Memory Foam Dog Bed


For The Year Round Griller – Ninja 6-in-1 Indoor Grill – $199.00 

Check out this ultra cool Ninja Indoor Grill that basically does everything under the sun. We are talking grilling, frying, roasting, baking, broiling, dehydrating, this appliance is the total package. There are very few things that this indoor grill can’t do! With 5 Stars and almost 9,000 reviews, I will be ordering one of these for my brother! 

Shop The Ninja 6-in-1 Indoor Grill Here! 

Ninja 6-in-1 Indoor Grill

For Apple Product Extraordinaire – All In One Charging Stand – $26.99

Have someone in your life who is all Apple’d out?! Make there life easier why don’t you, with this all in one charger stand! Charge your airpods, phone and watch all in one. I like the modern sleek design of this charger set, rather than 3 cords laying around your night stand!

Shop The All In One Charging Stand Here! 

All In One Charging Stand

For Something Cute – Terrarium Candle – $26.00

We can all have a little cuteness added into our life and surroundings and these candles do just the trick. I have shared these in the past but I love them so much and think they are adorable. They also have some great scents Pine & Vanilla and White Tea & Jasmine. The cute cactus ones are my favorite! 

Shop The Terrarium Candle Here! 

Terrarium Candles

For The Comfort Over Everything Lover – Silk Satin Pajama Set – $30.00

Let’s face it, we have spent more time at home then we ever thought over the last while, so let’s hope that we have some nice PJ’s to do that in! I love this Silk Satin Pajama Set that is great quality for the price point. They have a wide selection of colors to order for yourself (cough cough) or, oh yeah, a loved one! 

Shop The Silk Satin PJ Set here. 

Woman in Silk Satin Pajamas

For The Gardener – Indoor Herb Garden: $119

Most of us don’t live in a spot where we can grow herbs and produce all year round, no matter how hard we could try. So this is a great way to have access to fresh herbs all year round, and satisfy the green thumb in your family! This AeroGarden herb garden is excellent with great reviews and includes a seed kit of favorite herbs as a bonus! 

Shop Indoor Herb Garden here. 

Fresh Herbs Growing In the AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden

For The One Who Likes Shiny Things – Amethyst Crystal Coasters – $16.00

How sleek are these coasters from Anthropologie! They have several crystal and stone varieties and I love the gold finishing around the sides. Your wine glass will look mighty fine placed on these! 

Shop The Crystal Coasters Here!

Crystal Coasters

For Hot Beverage Lover – Monogram Mug – $14.00

Who thinks drinking something out of a cute mug tastes better? Even though I love the Ember Mug, this is a more affordable option that is personalized to your gift recipient. They have great patterns and I think buying one for the family would make an adorable set in the kitchen! 

Shop The Monogram Mug Here! 

Kitchen Towels, But Elevated! – Quinn Dish Towel Set- $28.00

Is your go-to gift kitchen towels each year? This seems to be a staple under our Christmas Tree each year, and I love these geometric and floral designs of these Quinn Dish Towels! This is a set that I would be happy to open on Christmas Morning and use throughout the year! 

Shop The Quinn Dish Towel Set! 

Tea Towels Anthropologie

For The Baker – Brass Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set – $17.99

Try out these magnetic measuring spoons set! I love that they are magnetic so you don’t have to fight with all the spoons on one ring and it is also nice to have the skinny side to be able to fit into smaller jars! The brass color is a nice elegant touch to this spoon set. 

Shop The Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set Here! 

Brass Measuring Spoons Set

For Cold Brew Lover – Cold Brew and Iced Tea Maker – $32.00

Make cold brew and fresh iced tea in this simple coffee maker! I love that it is air tight and seals well to make sure your cold brew stays as fresh as possible. This is so easy to use and simplifies the entire process of brewing up an iced coffee or tea beverage! 

Shop The Cold Brew and Iced Tea Maker Here! 

Iced Cold Brew Maker

Sharpen Up!  – 4 in 1 Knife Sharpener – $12.95

This is a great gift and love that it is a 4-in-1 Sharpener to be able to sharpen knives, scissors and more! 

Shop The 4 in 1 Knife Sharpener Here! 


Multi Purpose Knife Sharpener

Keep Your Paws Safe!  – Pit Mitts Hand Mittens – $30.00

Most people opt for kitchen mitts but I love these “Pit Mitts” to be able to hold onto things easily and have my fingers fully protected! This is great for grilling, open fire cooking but also regular cooking and baking in the kitchen. Once I started using these not only outdoors but indoors I never go back to regular kitchen mitts! 

Shop The Pit Mitt Hand Gloves Here! 

For The Gourmet Chef – World Salt Sampler Set- $30.00

This is a great gift set for the gourmet chef in your life to test out World Salt Sampler Set with gourmet salts and flavors. I love how this set comes in a cool test tube format  (to also be a mad scientist in the kitchen) and is a classy set that you would be proud to give anyone! 

Shop The World Salt Sampler Set Here! 

For The Wine Lover – The Wine Wand Wine Purifier – $23.97

This is a great tool to have on hand for anyone that has issues or reactions to drinking wine! This helps to aerate and purify the wine to help with headaches, hangovers, upset stomach and more! A go-to-gift for any wine connoisseur in your life! 

Shop The Wine Wand Here! 

Wine Purifier Set

For The Charcuterie Board Fanatic  – Big Boards For Families by Sandy Coughlin – $23.45

This beautiful cookbook was written and gifted to me by my good friend Sandy Coughlin! I received this book along with some beautiful kitchen utensils like these cute brass measuring cups and bamboo mini tongs! It was a perfect gift set! This is a BEAUTIFUL cookbook to bring your family to the table in a fun and interactive way with beautiful ideas and recipes for food spreads and charcuterie boards. This is a such a fun way of preparing food for the family and it really coincides with my idea of flexible recipes and using up all foods in your fridge! 

Shop The Big Boards For Families Cookbook Here! 

Big Boards for Families Book

For Easy Cooking Life!  – Super Easy! Cookbook by Ree Drummond – $18.99

I received the Super Easy! Cookbook from Ree as a gift recently paired with some beautiful kitchen towels in her signature floral design! Such a cute combination! I love this cookbook as it is packed with shortcut recipes to keep things stress free and delicious in the kitchen. This cookbook is great for moms, young adults, and beginner cooks! Thanks Ree! 

Shop The Super Easy! Cookbook Here! 

Super Easy by Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Gift Ideas That Cost Nothing 

  • Handmade Coupon Book – I like making a “Coupon” or “Gift Certificate” Booklet filled with things a family member can “cash in”. This includes a Cooking Favorite Meal, 30 Minute Massage, Car Cleaning, Full Laundry Service, you can get personal with these to best suit what your friend or family member would love! This is such a cute and personal idea!
  • Passing Down An Heirloom – Gifting a sentimental and precious heirloom can mean more than most gifts bought at the mall! This is a great way to bring sentiment and connection to this years holidays! 
  • Make A Family Video – Stitch together memories and videos for your family member and gift them it on your holiday morning! It is even more special if you watch it all together and this takes $0 but brings entertainment and great memories to your holidays! 
  • Memory Box – This one will cost you the box, but decorate any sort of box (or buy a special one) and fill it with memories of your friend or family member! Encourage them to fill it with memories throughout the year and open the box next holiday season to revisit all the memories that have occurred over the year! 


Let us know, what is on your wishlist this year in the comments!