Hello Steamy Kitchen community! Today is a bright and shiny new day to launch a new jewelry giveaway series : The Shine Bright Effy Jewelry Giveaways! 

We have 3 specially picked Effy Jewelry pieces with a combined total value of $3,697 to give away to 3 special winners! 

This giveaway is for our Effy 925 Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Pearl Earrings. If you are new to our Effy Jewelry giveaways read about the story of this jewelry below! 

Did you know how I got my hands on this jewelry?

Back in January of last year (or maybe it was even earlier….ugh this entire year has just been a blur), I purchased over 100 pieces of the gorgeous Effy jewelry at liquidation prices.

The local Sears in Las Vegas was shutting down, and they were just clearing out all of their inventory of jewelry. So, I purchased the entire lot, thinking, “Oh, I can create an online discount jewelry store!”

The Effy fine jewelry is absolutely stunning with diamonds, rubies, garnets, sapphires and other precious stones. This is a very well-known brand (check out their stuff!) that’s sold at Macy’s Nordstrom’s, Sak’s Fifth, and high-end cruise ship jewelry stores.

We spent two months photographing the jewelry, building the online store and creating a business plan. Right when we were ready to launch….Covid happened.

Shakes fist in air….”curse you, covid!!!”

I just didn’t feel right launching a jewelry store when people were getting laid off left and right. So, I just put the project on hold, waiting for a better time.

But, that better time hasn’t come yet, and all this beautiful jewelry is just taking up space in my safe deposit box at the bank. AND…I lost my enthusiasm for being a jewelry store retailer.

SO….my team came up with the idea to just give it away. Yup….all of it. All $167,380.00 worth of jewelry.  


Our theme of these giveaways is to SHINE BRIGHT! We aim to use this giveaway to help you connect and remind you that we all have a inner light, that deserves to shine bright! 

We encourage you to get in some sunshine, perform an act of kindness, be AUTHENTICALLY YOU and have fun this week! Shine your own unique essence into the world!

5 Ways To Shine Brighter This Month! 

  1. Tune Your Inner Radio Frequency To J O Y : Think of yourself as a radio (a very lovely multidimensional radio that is). Just as a radio does, we have the ability to “tune” our own energy and frequencies! Sometimes all it takes is bringing presence to a moment, where you find yourself on the wrong radio channel! In these moments, pause, slow down, observe how you feel, and then identify one small action or mindset change to help you shift into a more joyful state of being. This not only helps yourself but those around you and who you interact with in the day. 
  2. Be AUTHENTICALLY YOU!  You know what I am tired of… not being myself. We all are so unique and quirky in our own mind and most of us hide that beautiful authentic nature to the world. Tune into the inner child in you this week and dive into authenticity and fun. Speak from your heart and don’t be afraid to let your true authentic essence shine! 
  3. Get Some Sunshine and Nature Time: Sunshine and nature do wonders for our mood, mental health and physical body! Find some time to feel the sunshine on your face and soak in some rays (even in the colder months) and let your glow come alive. 
  4. Perform An Act of Kindness: Kindness, compassion and sympathy in my mind  are the ways that we shine the brightest. Challenge yourself to spread your own light this week by performing an act of kindness. When we do good for others, watch your whole mood shift into a beam of light to carry you through your day! 
  5. Choose High Vitality Foods And Increase Hydration. It is very hard to shine bright when we feel bad from eating a too many bags of chips. Believe me, been there, ate that. Tune into high vitality simple foods this week. Try incorporating more water dense foods to make sure your cells are nice and hydrated! 

Let us know in the comments if these tips help you, or if you have a way that you light to turn your light on! 

About the Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Pearl Earrings 

Pearls will always be timeless and we love the combination between the silver, gold and pearl that make these earrings truly special! 

These gorgeous earrings are worth $599 and are made of sterling silver. Although the jewel is black onyx, don’t doubt its shine. This traditional black stone earrings bring a classy sophistication to any outfit. 

Details to Know About This Piece

  • Metal:
    • Sterling Silver & 18K Gold 
  • Stones:
    • Pearl 
  • Value:
    • $899 USD 

Shine Bright: Effy Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Pearl Earrings Giveaway


Slow your scroll! Share with us down in the comments who you would gift these earrings to if you won (yourself included)!