Happy Friday Steamy Kitchen! This week we are celebrating the weekend with your favorite prize–cash. Enter to win the Peace and Love PayPal Instant win for your chance to win a $10 PayPal gift card. PLUS there will be one lucky winner who will spin and win a $50 grand prize!

Sunday Instant Win: Peace and Love Paypal Instant Win

PayPal Gift Card

Get the PayPal app to send and receive money with ease. With just the push of a button, you will be able to transfer money just about anywhere. 

You can even save this prize and send it to a friend as a gift! PayPal has tons of gift card options like pizza places, iTunes and send it to them electronically.

Peace and Love

Spread the peace and love this week! To send peace and love your way, we are launching this giveaway and giving you some tips on how you can spread peace and love in your community.

First things first, find internal peace. It’s going to be difficult to spread peace and love if you don’t connect with either of those characteristics within. Try meditating with intent or just coming into the present by consciously listening to your own unique breath.

Smile at a stranger! This option is cost free and you can do it all the time. Spread the love with a genuine smile at a stranger… who knows, it just might make their entire day. 

Want to go a step further?! Next time you’re out, buy the stranger in front you their coffee or meal. Random acts of kindness for no reason go a long way. You will definitely make someones day!

Pay someone a compliment! I don’t know about you, but it means the world to me when someone notices my “look” and drops a kind comment. It could be someone’s hair do, a tattoo or they might be rockin’ a unique outfit–if you like it, let them know! They definitely want to hear it.

Don’t be so judgmental. I know this can be difficult and it does take practice, but it is worth it to be a more genuine and accepting person! It is easy to fall into a pattern of gossipy judging people when hanging out with a friend.

Don’t get me wrong it can be fun to talk about these things, but it is so much more beneficial to discuss topics of deeper meaning and interest like how you can spread love in the community, what vegetables you will be growing next or exchange yummy new recipes.  

My tip for being more kind and loving is to ask yourself: WWMDD? “What would my dog do?” because no matter how many times you feel like you might’ve been too harsh on your dog, they will always run up to you with a big wet kiss at the ready. Next time someone gets on your nerves, don’t let their hate permeate your LOVE. You are more capable than you think.

Peace and Love PayPal Instant Win Game

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