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I’m so excited about today’s review and giveaway!! We are happy to be reviewing and giving away the HTVRONT Heat Press Machine to one lucky winner!

For a while now, I’ve had a side business creating shirts, hats and masks with both rhinestone and vinyl transfers. I press and package them all myself, and it’s been especially fun designing and making my own shirt designs to wear day-to-day and sending some to my friends. But now, I’m putting the business away and selling all my large press equipment. While I always planned for this to be a temporary endeavor, I must admit that not being able to make my own shirts anymore made me a little sad. 

And then… viola!! HTVRONT sent me this wonderful little heat press! I’m so happy I can still use my Cricut to create custom shirt designs for myself!! 

HTVRONT Heat Press Review and Giveaway

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I love this HTVRONT Heat Press because

  • It’s so light and compact, you can store it easily and it’s simple to take with you to craft nights or any occasion!
  • The easy-to-read screen tells you how much pressure and heat you’re applying, and also counts down the press time for you!
  • It takes less than a minute to heat up. 
  • The 10″ x 10″ heat surface is big enough to cover large designs, but small enough not to be unwieldy to use. 
  • At just $99 on Amazon, it’s SO affordable! This little press can do big things and is comparable to my giant (and quite expensive) commercial heat press. It’s well worth the small price!

Portable Heat Press 10"X10", Iron Press for Sublimation and HTV Vinyl Shirt Press Machine

Some of the amazing features of the HTVRTON Heat Press include

  • New Pressure Display Function
  • 15 Minutes Auto off
  • Fast Heating & Heat Evenly
  • More Accurate Temperature
  • Dual-Function Use

heat safety automatic shut off

The few cons:

  • This heat press doesn’t come with a protective pad to lay under the fabric you’re pressing. I compensated with a small towel, but I would love to see HTVRONT include one with their future presses. 
  • Due to it’s very flat heating surface, it will not be replacing my cap press. Hoping the company puts out a curved option just for hats!

Instructions step by step

HTVRONT Heat Press Machine

New Pressure Display Function

The 2022 brand new 10″X10″ heat press has a more accurate pressure display, reducing HTV ironing & sublimation errors. Compared with other iron presses, the digitalized pressure display is more friendly for crafting beginners. With the pressure display, you can finish full t-shirt designs easily and professionally.

heat press screen display easy to read

Fast & Evenly Heating Up

Compared to a normal iron, this heat press will save you heating and transferring time. The iron press & soleplate boasts durable and high-temperature resistant materials without the risk of melting or warping. The maximum temperature can reach to 410°F/210°C, and no matter how long it’s on, the handle won’t burn your hands due to overheating. Say goodbye to burning your design projects!

heat safety functional portable

Safe Use & Auto Off

FCC & UL certified, this heat press machine reaches the US’s required safety standards. It features an auto-off design for your convenience and safety, shutting off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. The safety base also protects the heating plate from scratches and prevents risk of scalding.

design and specifications

Dual-Function Use & Compact Design

This portable iron press has an ergonomic structure design and a comprehensive function that surpasses normal clothing irons. The surface temperature of the heat press machine is uniform so it can be used for both sublimation and ironing. It’s perfect for large and layered projects, transferring photos or adding your own custom designs to shirts, pillows, bags, and more! The possibilities are endless!

HTV Vinyl Shirt Press Machine for Hat, Bags, Heating Transfer Projects Iron

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HTVRONT Heat Press Machine Review & Giveaway

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