We are excited to collaborate with the incredible Mixicles® to share a super fun review and giveaway! Mixicles® frozen botanicals are cocktail mixers in ice-cube form. Simply top a Mixicles® cube with your favorite spirit, wine, or other beverage!

One lucky winner will win a delicious bundle of Mixicles® exclusive flavors to use in your own spring and summer cocktails and mocktails.

Read more about this fun product below and enter to win. 

Mixicles Ice Cubes Review and Giveaway  

What are Mixicles® :

Mixicles® frozen botanicals are premium cocktail mixers in ice-cube form. Simply top a Mixicles® cube with your favorite spirit, sparkling wine, or other beverage, and enjoy as the flavors unfold and infuse your drink.

Because the ingredients in Mixicles® are 100% natural and frozen immediately, you get the pure taste and flavor of the botanicals perfectly preserved — and at a fraction of the cost of buying all the ingredients yourself. Plus, Mixicles® keep their fresh flavors in your freezer for 18+ months, so you can use them as you need them. No wasted fruits, herbs, or other expensive ingredients.

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How to use them: 

Simply add one ounce of your favorite spirit per Mixicles® cube and allow the flavors to infuse your drink. You can top your cocktail with sparkling wine, tonic, or soda water, or keep it simple. The choice is yours. As the frozen botanicals swirl into your drink, the flavors combine to chill your beverage and evolve over time to delight your senses. No watering down. Mixicles® are designed to be stirred, but if you prefer to shake, there are no rules. It’s impact without effort.

The Mixicles® Flavors 

    • Refreshing cucumber and lime balanced with earthy sage. This blend sips perfectly with gin and tonic water. Also great with vodka, tequila, or rum.
    • Fresh blueberries and lemon with notes of herbaceous basil. Delicious with vodka, sparkling wine, or a mix of both. Pairs with bourbon, rum, gin, or red wine too.
    • Bright citrus fruit and pineapple accented with piquant peppers. Savor with tequila, gin, or vodka, or with a dry sparkling or white wine.
    • Tart cranberry with hints of rose water and orange zest. Add vodka and lace with sparkling wine, or try it with gin and tonic water. Also delightful with bourbon.
    • Ambrosial elderflower and aromatic mint with a twist of lemon. Mix with gin, vodka, bourbon, or wine.
    • Fragrant lavender and succulent peach highlighted by lemon and ginger. Enjoy with vodka, white or sparkling wine, gin, or whiskey.
    • An exotic fusion of passion fruit, pomegranate, apple, and orange blossom essence. Relish with bourbon, vodka, gin, or rum.
    • Juicy blackberries accentuated by aromatic thyme and zesty lemon. Pairs beautifully with bourbon, vodka, or gin, or in red or sparkling wine.
    • Sweet black cherries infused with natural hickory. Sip with bourbon, rum, or vodka.

Mixicles Ice Cubes Review and Giveaway

The Steamy Kitchen Mixicles® Review: 

Wow! What a fun simple yet innovative product! These were DELICIOUS and super easy way to bring a craft cocktail to your home, with a drop of an ice cube. Check out the review video below on my thoughts of the Mixicles! You can read my pros and cons of them below.



Mixicles Ice Cubes Review and Giveaway Mixicles Ice Cubes Review and Giveaway


  • Simple, super fresh ingredients: the quality of ingredients is super important to me, and I love that they only have natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, just fruit juices, herbs, handcrafted syrups, and water. The flavors are unique and bold! 
  • Keeps things cool: The fact that they are multipurpose to provide amazing flavor and to keep your drink cool is genius! No more watered down drinks! 
  • Cost: These ice cubes work out to being just over a $1.50 per cube! To have a sophisticated and fresh cocktail for this price is amazing! 
  • My favorite way to enjoy is with sparkling seltzer and add fresh herbs for a perfect spring mocktail! 


  • Had a hard time identifying any cons of these drink cubes!

Check out the Mixicles® shop page to shop your own or use their location finder to find a shop near you! 

We are giving away a special bundle of their most popular flavors! Enter the giveaway below! 

Mixicles Ice Cubes Review and Giveaway

What do you think about Mixicles® Frozen Botanical Mixers? Would you like to try them? Leave your comments below!