Welcome to the Bloom Big Giveaway Series! We want to bring in the fresh season, in a big way, with big prizes and a big chance to win! 

We have selected three prizes that we know you will love and are some of our highest value prizes! The theme of these giveaways are to be in a season of bloom! Allowing yourself to revisit goals, bring in new growth and a fresh energy into spring! 

Welcome to the final giveaway of the series – the Spring $250 CASH Giveaway! We are excited to be giving a cash prize to a lucky person from our community to put towards goals this spring! 

Spring Cash Giveaway

Just as you may be looking to prepare your garden this spring, we hope you put the same love and attention to yourself! Here are a few steps on how to relate your garden to yourself! 

Pull Those Weeds: the long cold winters can create some stagnant energy in our minds, bodies and homes! “Pull your weeds” by getting outside, clearing your mind, breathing fresh air, opening the windows and allowing some brightness back into your space! 

Get Clear On New Seeds To Plant: while you are picking out what you might garden this year, also look at what “seeds” you want to plant for yourself in this next season. This means getting clear on some goals that you have and clarity on what you are wanting to call in! This is the first step to blooming! 

Tend To The Basics:  Just like those plants need water, light and love, so do you! Make sure you are tending to yourself this spring with some self care, extra water and. hydration and lots of outdoor time! Take care of your basic needs and watch yourself have more energy to put into your goals! 

We hope that this $250 cash prize can help you bloom big this year! Let us know what you would put $250 cash towards in the comments! 

Bloom Big Spring Cash Giveaway

Bloom Big: Spring $250 Cash Prize Giveaway

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