Hello Steamy Kitchen family! As you know, we are big on (reverse) meal planning, and we have the perfect meal prepping accessory for you to make you weekly meal prep a breeze. Today we are sharing about the Tidy Board Meal Prepping System! Read the review and enter to win your own below. 

What is the TidyBoard Meal Prep System 

TidyBoard is a cutting board and strainer in one. It can strain fruits and veggies directly into the sink. Once rinsed, start cutting on the TidyBoard and move scraps into the included containers for composting. The hanging design and collapsible containers maximize countertop space making it ideal for small kitchens. Easy to clean and store, too.

The TidyBoard Meal Prep System comes with a bamboo cutting board, large and small strainers that nest into the end of the board, plus containers and lids for food storage. The collapsible containers create up to 50% more shelf space and can be used in the microwave. Comes in teal or gray.

The TidyBoard keeps you organized and your kitchen clean. Never worry about where to put scraps or discarded produce — keep your space clean and orderly with TidyBoard.

Jaden’s Review of the TidyBoard 

I thought this board is a perfect accessory to the Reverse Meal Plan! Meal prepping can be a lot of work, and create a lot of extra dishes  each week. I love how this simplifies everything.

Watch the full giveaway review video below, I also share a quick tip on how to treat your cutting board with oil to take extra care your board! 




  • Less Dishes – This is a huge bonus, because we all love less dishes right! Being able to clean, cut and store all in one container makes meal prepping a breeze.
  • Great Meal Prepping Sidekick – Streamlining your meal prepping process with this tool makes meal prepping less daunting. I fully support tools that simplify our lives, and this is one of them! 
  • Sleek and Modern Design – I love the bright teal of the containers (they have grey too!) and the fact that they are collapsible. I liked that there was a large container with the combo of 2 smaller ones with lids.The bamboo cutting board is a good size to be able to cut your fresh produce without a worry. 


  • Slightly thin feeling on one side. Just be careful to use precaution when washing and handle with care! 

Shop For Your Own TidyBoard Meal Prep System

Check out the TidyBoard website to shop for your own system here! You can also add on accessories to have extra containers if you prefer. Click the link to visit their shop! 

TidyBoard Meal Prep System Review and Giveaway

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