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Upgrade your summer landscaping and say goodbye to your rake by using the SnapFresh Leaf Blower!

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SnapFresh Leaf Blower Giveaway

About the SnapFresh Leaf Blower 

  • Advanced Motor and Turbo Engine Tech – The Snapfresh leaf blower is equipped with a copper motor; With advanced turbo technology, the motor provides a longer product life span and reduces energy consumption than traditional engines, you can blow the leaves efficiently in your yard
  • Dual Speed Mode with Adjustable Blowing Tubes – Its two modes, 60mph to 130mph by simply pushing a switch, help you to easily change from indoor work to outdoor work; With adjustable blowing tubes, people of all heights can find a comfortable user experience
  • Ultra-lightweight and Ergonomic Design – Snapfresh’s cordless leaf blower has a super light body, which weighs less than 2.7lb, and can be comfortably operated with one hand; The handgrip is wrapped with flexible rubber, helping you prevent slipping when in use.


  • Full Accessories, Battery and Charger Included – We provide all the accessories you need to start your work immediately; The 2.0ah 20v battery (included) can last for up to 15-20-min of work; A full charge will take 1 hour using the included fast charger (please do not charge overnight)
  • Quick Assembly – Snapfresh’s mission is “to make people’s life easier”, therefore all products from Snapfresh are designed based on this mission; our products are lightweight, well fitted and can be assembled within minutes
  • Battery Maintenance Tips – To maximize your battery life and lifespan, please leave the battery fully charged when not in use; It will not affect your charging even if you do not hear the click sound while placing the battery in the charger; The batteries are delivered in a fully charged state, so please turn on the machine for 30 seconds before charging for the first time


  • Before cleaning and maintenance, always switch off the machine and remove the battery pack.
  • Clean the machine casings regularly with a soft cloth, preferably after each use. Make sure that the ventilation openings are free of dust and dirt.
  • Remove very persistent dirt using a soft cloth moistened with soapsuds. Do not use any solvents which will damage the tool.
  • In order to maintain the battery’s capacity, please store the leaf blower with the battery fully charged while not using it.



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SnapFresh Leaf Blower Giveaway

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