ming tsai podcast

Just when I thought Steamy Kitchen would be without this recording of a convo I had with superstar Chef Ming Tsai on the phone , the fabuleux Lenny of Chez Us came to my rescue and helped me put up the recording!

Here are the highlights of my chat with Chef Ming Tsai:

(0:01) I had made one of his recipes, Duck Breast with Sweet and Sour Cranberry Chutney Duck Breast with Sweet and Sour Cranberry Chutney Recipe

(1:53) Obession with duck fat + secrets to cooking duck

(8.00) How to tell temperature of meat w/o a thermometer

(9:12) Ming shot all his own photography for his cookbook

(11:01) My big crush on him (BLUSH). I was so nervous on the call that I sounded like a total idiot. blebhblehbllllleb.ihaveacelebritycrushonyou.bbleb.

(11:30) And Ming reveals who which celebrity he has a crush on!!!

(17:50) What he’s making for Christmas dinner (can YOU guess?)

(12:00) Ming’s recommendation for great holiday presents