Living With Purpose: How To Create Magical Moments For Ourselves & Others

In our pursuit of a joyful life, we often get caught up in seeking purpose, but find that the search never ends and purpose continues to evade us. In my life, I’ve found that searching is not the answer–creating is. Instead of seeking out purpose, I started to live purposefully each and every day and joy just came naturally.

Instead of having a singular purpose in life, why not dedicate your life to creating moments of magic and offering meaningful contributions to other people? Instead of finding purpose, why not live every day with purposeful intention?

What Are Magical Moments?


Magical moments are gratitude, expressed in action. 

arms open to nature and gratitude

Gratitude can be found both within ourselves and from outside sources. We are always surrounded by an endless amount of things to be grateful for, if we choose to see it that way. From the breath that effortlessly flows through us automatically, to the sun that rises and brings us light, to the water we drink to hydrate our cells, or the laughter of a family member that warms our hearts–we have endless opportunities to be in the state of gratefulness. 

Gratitude is a choice we make, and an action we take. Creating magical moments are little acts of gratitude. A choice to infuse “magic” into the small moments of this life. Our life consists of tiny moments, minutes, seconds– that all add up to the bigger picture, so how can we stop, savor and bring intentional magic to our experience?


How can you create magical moments for yourself?


Plant an indoor fresh herb garden in your kitchen.

plants on the window sill


Stretch daily while focusing on gratitude and love for your body. 

healthy happy life


Take a walk and connect with nature.

connect with nature


Take a bubble bath with a charcuterie board and a great audiobook. (This one is my favorite!)

bubble bath with a book


How can you create magical moments for other people?


What small gesture can you take to show appreciation, let someone know you care, or even just encourage a smile on a stranger’s face?

Send a quick message of encouragement to a friend.

texting a loved one


Deliver an unexpected bouquet of flowers to a family member.

an unexpected bouquet for mom


Speak a heartfelt compliment to a stranger.

spread the love


Write a love note and leave it for your partner to find.

heartfelt post its on a fridge


However you chose to create magical moments for yourself and others, you will begin to bring more mindfulness into your daily life and build more presence in joy. 



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