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Happy Monday Steamy!

We are excited to be giving away this amazing HomeMate Heated Blanket

This wonderful heated blanket helps you sleep deeply every day.

Read more about this HomeMate Heated Blanket and enter to win below.

HomeMate Heated Blanket Giveaway


About the HomeMate Heated Blanket 

  • Homemate heated blanket use the intelligent temperature adjustment technology.When the temperature rises,the heated blanket will automatically adjust the temperature according to the surrounding environment,which can always provide users with a comfortable feeling and is conducive to energy saving.Compared with air conditioner,using Homemate heated blanket is more energy efficient,and you can save more heating costs in winter.
  • Homemate heated blanket have 5 heat levels,10 hours auto shut off.Temperature range is 86-122°F.There is only one button on the controller to control the temperature,very convenient to use,even the elderly,the sick,and the disabled can use it easily.Power Cord is 14.3 feet,this long cord makes the use of the blanket more flexible,can be used on the bed,on the sofa,can be used in the study and office,very convenient.


HOMEMATE was founded in 2012 and has been working for ten years on how to make more people experience the best sleep feeling. With its own independent factory, we discuss with our frontline staff every day how to optimize our products.The raw materials and production processes we choose are safe and reliable, let’s protect the earth together!


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HomeMate Heated Blanket Giveaway

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