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Welcome to our newest Schmidt Spiele 4K Digital Camera Giveaway!

If you’re in search of a vlogging camera that can capture outstanding photos with minimal additional equipment, this camera is the perfect choice for you!

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Schmidt Spiele 4K Digital Camera Giveaway


About the Schmidt Spiele 4K Digital Camera

  • It is so small and can be slipped in a pocket or handbag.
  • The high frame rate lets you capture quick moves in sporting without losing any detail.
  • You can mount it to a tripod (not included) to walk and film at the same time.
  • You can hold the digital camera backwards, rotate the flip-out screen to take selfie.
  • By connecting the vlogging camera to computer, you can make calls with friends.


Schmidt Spiele 4K Digital Camera


The YouTube camera for vlogging can be used as webcam for live streaming. Our vlogging camera also supports time-lapse, loop video, and slow video features. Compact but powerful for its size, this small camera is great for keeping in your pocket on those occasions when you want to travel light without having to take loads of lenses. We also offer you a 32G TF card and an extra battery to help you shooting without worrying the power supply.


Schmidt Spiele 4K Digital Camera Giveaway


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Schmidt Spiele 4K Digital Camera Giveaway

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