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Do you have an interest in gardening? We are excited to offer today a fantastic All-in-One Garden Set from INNO STAGE as a giveaway.

Get ready to take your gardening to the next level with INNO STAGE’s Gardening Tools Set and Organizer Tote Bag.

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All In One Garden Set Giveaway


About the INNO STAGE”s All In One Garden Set 

  • Made from Top Quality No rusting Aluminum. Gardening work gloves with hard ABS claws, easy to dig and plant, protecting hands against rose thorns/shrubs/undergrowth and any other painful scrapes the garden may cause.
  • With size 11″x5.9″x15.7″, is made from waterproof heavy duty fabric, firm & durable. All 10 pockets, enough compartments for all your hand tools. A special elastic design upon the front and back side pockets can help you fasten the tools.
  • Good gardening partner hand tools are perfect for all your garden needs, excellent ergonomic design of handles & anti-slip performance is comfortable and reduce hand & arm fatigue.



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  • Snippers: Size: 8.3″X2.8″Weight: 8.75ozUsage: Trimming & cutting grass around plants.
  • Transplanting Spade: Size: 12.6″X3.0″Weight: 6.25ozUsage: Transplant small plants & flower.
  • Cultivator: Size: 12.0″X3.0″Weight: 6.6ozUsage: Loosening & aerating soil before planting, mixing soil with fertilizer.
  • Hand Rake: Size: 12.6″X3.0″ Weight: 7.5oz Usage: Smoothing soil, breaking up lumps of dirt.
  • Trowel: Size: 12.6″X2.2″ Weigh: 5.89oz Usage: Digging or turning up soil, includes measurement indicators for depth.
  • Grass Fork: Size: 12.6″X1.6″ Weight: 6.6oz Usage: Loosening & digging up grass from soil.



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All In One Garden Set Giveaway

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