It’s that magical time of the year again, where we wrack our brains trying to find the perfect present for everyone on our list, and we can’t help but notice that gift cards are having quite the moment this year. And why not? Gift cards have come a long way from being that ‘Oh, I didn’t know what to get you’ kind of present. They’re thoughtful, they’re trendy, and most importantly, they let your loved ones choose their own adventure. They’re the next best thing to gifting experiences, and we all know that experiences > stuff.

10 best gift cards to give in 2023

So, without further ado, here are my top picks for the most wanted, most loved, and absolutely delightful gift cards to sprinkle some festive joy in 2023:

Amazon Gift Card

An Amazon gift card displayed beneath a festive envelope, ready to bring a world of shopping joy to its recipient.

Photo: Amazon

Ah, the Amazon Gift Card – it’s like handing over a golden key to the world’s largest shopping kingdom. Whether your loved ones are on the hunt for the latest kitchen gadget, a must-read book, or even those quirky socks that just scream their personality, Amazon has it all. It’s the one-stop-shop of dreams and a universe of possibilities. Gifting this is like saying, “Hey, the world is your oyster… or, in this case, your shopping cart!” So, for the ones you’re absolutely stumped on what to buy for, or for those who love the thrill of online shopping, this card is pure, unadulterated joy in envelope form.

For those looking to spread the joy, you can grab a physical Amazon card here or choose the convenience of sending a digital one here.


Visa Prepaid Gift Card

A Visa Prepaid Gift Card showcased on a decorative background, symbolizing the gift of choice and endless shopping possibilities.

Photo: Amazon

The Visa Prepaid Gift Card is like magic money in card form. Perfect for those who cherish the freedom of choice, it’s a passport to almost anywhere money is accepted. No more worrying about whether they’ll like the gift or if it’s the right color or size – with this card, your loved ones can treat themselves to whatever their heart desires, whenever they fancy. It’s the epitome of a thoughtful gift, ensuring your recipient feels both the joy of receiving and the thrill of shopping. The Visa card essentially whispers, “Treat yourself on me.”

For a tailored gifting experience, you can choose from various denominations. Send a $25 Visa card, opt for a $50 card, go a bit higher with a $100 card, or make a grand gesture with a $200 Visa card.


Apple Gift Card

A pristine white Apple Gift Card adorned with the mesmerizing geode logo design, embodying the essence of tech elegance and innovation.

Photo: Apple

There’s something irresistibly sleek about the Apple brand, and their gift card is no exception. Perfect for the tech-savvy aficionado or the creative genius in your life, the Apple Gift Card opens doors to a universe of innovation. From the hottest apps to the most cutting-edge gadgets, this card is an all-access pass to the world of Apple. For the ones who live by the mantra ‘Think Different’, this card is more than just a gift; it’s a nod to their passion, creativity, and zest for the best in tech. Whether they’re eyeing the latest iPhone, hunting for the perfect song on iTunes, or expanding their app collection, this card is their golden ticket.

Dive into the world of Apple and get the perfect Apple Gift Card here.


Starbucks Gift Card

A vibrant green Starbucks Gift Card featuring the iconic mermaid face logo, representing a world of delightful coffee experiences.

Photo: Starbucks

Ah, the Starbucks Gift Card. It’s not just a card; it’s a warm embrace on a cold morning, a frothy treat on a long day, and a ticket to endless coffee adventures. Perfect for that friend who’s always got a latte in hand, or the colleague who’s day doesn’t start until that first espresso shot. This card goes beyond just beverages—it’s an invitation to explore flavors, try out new bakery delights, and even snag some trendy Starbucks merchandise. For the ones who swear by their caffeine rituals and for those who love to explore new blends, this card promises countless moments of pure, unadulterated joy with every sip.

Ready to spread some coffee love? Grab the perfect Starbucks Gift Card here.


Netflix Gift Card

A striking red and white Netflix Gift Card, embellished with the prominent 'N' logo, symbolizing a treasure trove of cinematic stories and binge-worthy series.

Photo: Netflix

Dive into a world of cinematic magic with the Netflix Gift Card. It’s more than just a piece of plastic—it’s a portal to stories from all corners of the globe, an endless library of laughter, tears, thrillers, and romance. Perfect for the movie buff, the serial binger, or that friend who’s always on the hunt for the next big series. This card grants VIP access to a universe where the popcorn is endless, and the shows never stop. From groundbreaking originals to timeless classics, the Netflix Gift Card promises nights of cozy blankets, favorite snacks, and screens lighting up rooms with tales of wonder.

Want to give the gift of endless entertainment? Pick up the Netflix Gift Card here.


Spotify Gift Card

A vibrant green Spotify Premium Gift Card adorned with the distinctive black Spotify audio logo, encapsulating a universe of melodies and harmonies.

Photo: Amazon

Let’s talk rhythm, beats, and the sweet symphony of life with the Spotify Gift Card. Ideal for that friend who has headphones perpetually glued to their ears or the one who claims to have “discovered that band before they were cool”. With this card, you’re gifting more than just music—you’re gifting experiences, memories, and the soundtrack to life’s most poignant moments. From chart-toppers to indie gems, the Spotify Gift Card is the key to a world where every emotion has a tune to match.

Ready to hit the right note? Snag the perfect Spotify Gift Card here.


Etsy Gift Card

A radiant orange Etsy Gift Card featuring a crisp white Etsy logo, embodying the spirit of creativity and the joy of supporting artisans and small businesses.

Photo: Etsy

Step into the enchanting world of handmade, vintage, and utterly unique with an Etsy Gift Card. This isn’t just any gift card—it’s a treasure map to a marketplace brimming with creativity, individuality, and heart. Perfect for the one who loves to stand out, appreciates the magic of handcrafted goods, or simply enjoys the thrill of finding that oh-so-perfect item. With this card, you’re gifting more than just a shopping spree; you’re gifting a journey through a world where every item has a story, and every purchase supports small businesses and artisans. From bespoke jewelry to personalized art, the Etsy Gift Card opens doors to endless possibilities.

Ready to gift a world of wonders? Pick up an Etsy Gift Card here, available in values of $25, $50, $100, or $250.


Nike Gift Card

A sleek black Nike Gift Card showcasing a striking white silhouette of a basketball player mid-air, capturing the essence of athleticism and the spirit of the game.

Photo: Nike

Elevate your gifting game with the Nike Gift Card. It’s a jumpstart to an athletic journey, a nod to passion, and a leap into style. Perfect for the sports enthusiast, the gym-goer, or the one who believes in the swoosh as a way of life. This card bridges the gap between dreams and the court, between style and performance. Whether they’re in search of the latest kicks, performance gear, or iconic sportswear, this card paves the way. With Nike, it’s not just about the shoes; it’s about breaking barriers, achieving goals, and, of course, just doing it.

Amp up your gifting prowess and choose between a physical or digital Nike Gift Card here.


Sephora Gift Card

A chic black and white striped Sephora Gift Card, accentuated with the elegant white Sephora logo at its center, encapsulating the allure and sophistication of the beauty world.

Unleash the beauty maven within with the Sephora Gift Card. This is an all-access pass to a world of glam, glitz, and that perfect shade of lipstick. Perfect for the makeup enthusiast, the skincare devotee, or anyone who believes a little shimmer can light up the day. This card is the golden ticket to a realm where beauty is more than skin deep—it’s an art, a science, and a passion. From the latest palettes to the most rejuvenating serums, the Sephora Gift Card is the genie in a bottle that makes beauty wishes come true.

Ready to sprinkle a touch of beauty magic? Grab the Sephora Gift Card here.


DoorDash Gift Card

A pristine white DoorDash Gift Card depicting a restaurant employee handing over a delectable food bag to an awaiting woman, symbolizing prompt service and culinary delight.

Photo: Doordash

Foodie fantasies, right at your fingertips with the DoorDash Gift Card. This card is a culinary journey waiting to unfold, a taste adventure from your couch, a passport to the best local delicacies. Perfect for the busy bees, the comfort-cravers, or simply the ones who believe in the magic of a hot meal delivered at the doorstep. This card is the answer to midnight cravings, the solution to “What’s for dinner?” dilemmas, and the secret weapon for impressing last-minute guests. From tangy Thai to comforting Italian, the DoorDash Gift Card is your ticket to the best tastes in town without leaving home.

Hungry for a taste adventure? Get the DoorDash Gift Card here.


There you have it! The top gift cards to spread joy, flavor, style, and a whole lot of convenience in 2023. Whether you’re surprising a beauty buff, a foodie friend, or the tech-savvy teen in your life, these cards are your ticket to becoming the ultimate gift-giver. Remember, it’s not just about the amount, but the thought, flexibility, and love you’re packing in that pocket-sized present. Happy gifting! 💖🎁✨