‘Tis the season of giving, and I’ve got a little secret to share: the best gifts keep on giving! That’s why I’m all about gifting subscription boxes this year. You know, that delightful surprise that pops up at the door every month? So, if you’re scratching your head, trying to nail down the perfect presents for the folks on your list by trying to think outside the box, you might want to think inside the box! I’ve done the legwork and rounded up some of the most fabulous subscription boxes to light up anyone’s holiday season. 

the best subscription boxes to gift this year



Book of the Month

A blue box labeled "Book of the Month" with illustrated winter background featuring buildings and festive decorations.

Photo: Book of the Month

Hey, fellow bookworms! You know that rush when you start a new book? Book of the Month gives you the chance to offer a loved one that feeling every. single. month. Hand-picked by people who live and breathe books, it’s like sending a monthly escape to a friend (or hey, to yourself – I won’t judge). It’s like a cozy book club without the obligation. For all my fellow readers out there, this one’s a treat.

Check out Book of the Month and start that literary journey.



Disassembled wooden ukulele parts alongside an assembled ukulele and packaging box

Photo: KiwiCo

Remember the thrill of getting something in the mail as a kid? KiwiCo brings that joy, but with a twist. Think creativity, discovery, and hands-on fun all wrapped into one. I’ve seen kids (and, okay, some adults) lose track of time diving into these boxes. Whether it’s a young scientist in your life or just someone with an itch for craftiness, this is like gifting a dose of wonder every month.

See what magic KiwiCo’s cooked up this time.


Bespoke Post

Terra: A knife with a wooden handle and sheath.Cocoon: A compact black camp blanket. Smoked: A cocktail smoking kit with ingredients. Weekender: A green duffel bag with leather details.

Photo: Bespoke Post

We all have that one man in our life who stumps us when it comes to gift-giving, don’t we? Maybe it’s your brother, who claims he “doesn’t need anything,” or perhaps that friend who already seems to have it all. Enter Bespoke Post: a thoughtful curation of high-quality goods that even Mr. Hard-to-Shop-For will adore. From rugged outdoor gear to artisanal cocktails, Bespoke delivers a slice of luxury right to his door. So, the next time he says he doesn’t want anything, you’ll know just where to go. 🎁

Get a taste of the Bespoke life here.


Mindful Souls

Assorted spiritual and wellness items, including jewelry, drawstring bags, gemstones, and essential oils.

Photo: Mindful Souls

For the spiritual seeker or just someone in need of a little extra serenity in their life (and, honestly, who isn’t these days?), Mindful Souls is a breath of fresh air. Each box is thoughtfully curated with spiritual goodies, like crystals and handcrafted jewelry, that help bring a sense of calm and connectedness. It’s the kind of gift that says, “I see you, and I want you to feel the love of the universe.”

Ready to sprinkle some peace into someone’s life? Gift a box of Mindful Souls and watch their spirit soar.



A delicate bouquet of dried CBD flowers and feathers in muted colors, nestled against white paper and ribbon.

Photo: LovePot

Flowers are timeless, but LovePot has given them a contemporary twist that’s sure to intrigue. Beyond their beautiful and unique dried floral arrangements, they offer something a bit more… enchanting: dried hemp bouquets, which are actually smokable CBD cannabis flower. Now, before you raise a brow – it’s totally legal, and we’re not talking THC here. Lovepot lets folks appreciate the relaxing effects of cannabis flower without the high. It’s 100% safe, perfect for unwinding without any of the psychoactive effects.

So, for that friend who loves a good wind-down (or maybe a little botanical adventure), a LovePot subscription might be their next favorite thing!


Vinyl Post

A turntable playing a festive vinyl postcard, surrounded by twinkling holiday lights and decorative garland.

Photo: Vinyl Post

Got a music lover in your circle? Vinyl Post is the gift that’ll make them drop the needle and dance. It’s not just any vinyl subscription; it’s a postcard record. Yup, you read that right! Every month, they’ll receive a postcard that plays a song when put on a turntable. How cool is that? It’s a fusion of nostalgia and contemporary tunes, perfect for both seasoned vinyl enthusiasts and newbies alike.

Send the magic of music through Vinyl Post, and you might just become their favorite DJ!



A variety of indoor plants nestled in uniquely painted terracotta pots.

Photo: Horti

Let’s be real: not all of us were blessed with a green thumb. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from diving into the therapeutic world of plants, right? Enter Horti. They make plant parenting a cinch, delivering all the tools and know-how one needs to nurture their own indoor jungle.

Whether it’s for the apartment dweller yearning for some greenery or the busy bee who needs a calming oasis, a Horti subscription is like gifting a breath of fresh air… literally!


Bath Bevy

A collection of spa products evoking a serene beach escape, complete with bath bombs, bubble bath, and marine-themed décor.

Photo: Bath Bevy

After the kind of year we’ve had, who doesn’t deserve a bit of pampering? Bath Bevy is the ticket to turning a regular tub into a spa retreat. Think lush bath bombs, aromatic salts, and bubbles that transform bath time into a heavenly escape.

We all have that one friend (or maybe it’s you) who lives for those long, indulgent baths. Well, a Bath Bevy subscription will make their next soak something truly special.


And there you have it! Gifting made simple, thoughtful, and, best of all, ongoing. Whether it’s a bouquet that can be both admired and enjoyed, a vinyl that brings back memories, or a bath that feels like a hug, these subscriptions will make your loved ones’ month, every month. Happy holidays and happy gifting, my friends! 🎁✨



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