Hello Steamy Kitchen Community! We are excited to have teamed up with Cratejoy to do a giveaway with one of their best selling subscription boxes, the Grill Masters Club: BBQ Adventure in a Box. This review and giveaway is perfect for all of our BBQ lovers! 

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What is Cratejoy?

Cratejoy is an awesome place where you can find the neatest gifts and subscriptions, all in one spot. Think of it as your go-to for adding a little extra sparkle to your life. Here’s the scoop on why Cratejoy is a total game-changer:

  • All Your Interests in One Place: Whether you’re into diving into self-care, surprising friends with cool gifts, or just treating yourself, Cratejoy’s got your back. They’ve got everything from wellness goodies to unique, quirky finds.
  • Curated by Experts: The cool thing about Cratejoy is that they’ve got pros picking out the best stuff for you. It’s like having a friend who knows exactly what you’ll love and sends it right to your door.
  • Surprises Galore: Getting a Cratejoy box is like having a birthday every month. You can stick to what you love or try something totally new. Either way, it’s always a fun surprise!
  • Do Good, Feel Good: Some of their boxes even help you do good deeds. It’s like getting a double dose of happiness – one for you and one for the world!
  • Magic in Your Mailbox: Seriously, getting a Cratejoy box is like finding a little treasure chest in your mail. It’s not just about what’s inside (which is always awesome), but also that excitement of opening up something special just for you.
  • Start with the Faves: Not sure where to begin? Cratejoy’s got a collection of current favorites to kick things off. It’s the perfect way to dive into their world of fun and discovery.

That’s Cratejoy in a nutshell. It’s all about bringing more joy, more surprises, and more awesome stuff into your life. Dive into the box we reviewed below. 

Purchase a Cratejoy Gift Card! No matter the occasion, the Cratejoy Gift Card unlocks a world of surprises tailored to anyone’s passions. 

Grill Masters Club: The BBQ Adventure in a Box!

As a Cratejoy Preferred Seller, Grill Masters Club is your ticket to the ultimate BBQ experience. This isn’t just any subscription box; it’s a monthly adventure for your taste buds and grilling skills. Here’s what makes it super cool:

  • A Flavor-Packed Journey: Each month, you’ll get a box jam-packed with over 5 premium BBQ items. We’re talking mouth-watering sauces, rubs, marinades, and even some neat grilling surprises that’ll up your BBQ game.
  • Pitmaster-Approved Goodies: These boxes are curated by real-deal pitmasters. So, you know you’re getting the best of the best, sourced from award-winning barbecue artisans. It’s like having a BBQ expert as your personal shopping buddy!
  • Recipes and Tips Galore: Not just a box of goodies – you get over 2 recipes for each product to try out. Plus, there are grilling tips, video content, and a whole lot more to turn you into a grilling guru.
  • Artisanal and High-Quality Selections: These boxes aren’t just delicious; they’re conscientiously curated. Supporting lesser-known, artisan suppliers across the US and Canada, you’re getting quality and uniqueness in every box.

As featured in top lists like The Best Subscription Boxes of ‘22 / ‘23 in Food & Wine and Men’s Health, the Grill Masters Club box is a hit.

Grill Masters Box with box, spices and rubs

What I Love About This Grill Masters Club Box

It’s seriously cold right outside now, seeing at it’s winter in Vegas. You might think, “Desert = hot, right?” Nope, it gets pretty nippy here. And, let me tell you, standing outside to grill? Not my idea of fun in the cold.

But here’s the awesome part about the stuff in this box – it’s like a Swiss Army knife of flavors! These seasonings and sauces? They’re not just for grilling. They’re my new go-to for all sorts of cooking adventures. No more making my hubby freeze outside by the grill.

Just the other day, I thought, “Why not try these bad boys in the air fryer?” So, I took the chicken, jazzed it up with these amazing marinades and spices from the box, and popped it in the air fryer. Guys, the result? Out-of-this-world good! It’s like we brought the BBQ inside, minus the frosty fingers.

That’s the thing that’s got me hooked on the Grill Masters Club Box. It doesn’t matter if you’re a grill guru or an air fryer aficionado, these goodies are your ticket to flavor town. Whether you’re indoors or out, they bring that zing to your cooking. And making the marinade is such a simple gamechanger. Let me show you how.

This box from Cratejoy has everything you need to up your grilling game!

Quick & Delicious Marinade Magic with Grill Masters Club Box

Ready for a quick kitchen hack that’ll transform your meats and poultry into something super delicious? Thanks to Grill Masters Club sauces and seasonings, making a knockout marinade is a breeze.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Mix It Up: Grab a baggie and pour in some of the sauce and seasoning from the box. Now, add a bit of cooking oil. This trio is like the dream team of marinade ingredients.
  2. Add the Meat: Pop your choice of meat or poultry into the baggie. Chicken, beef, pork – whatever you’re craving!
  3. Marinate and Wait: Seal the bag and give it a good shake to coat the meat evenly. Then, let it chill out in the fridge. You’ve got options here: anywhere from 30 minutes for a quick flavor boost to overnight for a deep, robust taste.
  4. Cook and Enjoy: When it’s time to cook, take the meat out and get it on the grill, in the oven, or however you like to cook it. Just remember to toss out the leftover marinade in the baggie.

A Little Tip: Keep an eye on how much sauce you use, especially if it’s got sugar in it. Too much, and you might end up with burnt meat. But hey, you can always drizzle a bit more sauce on after cooking for that extra flavor kick.

And there you have it – a simple, no-fuss way to make your meats and poultry sing with flavor, all thanks to the goodies in your Grill Masters Club Box. It’s quick, it’s easy, and trust me, it’ll make your taste buds dance.

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