Complete Kitchen Bowl Set Giveaway

Hello food-loving community! If you’ve ever felt the warmth of a home-cooked meal or experienced the joy of crafting something delicious from scratch, you know that the kitchen is more than just a room, it’s a canvas for creating memories. Today, Steamy Kitchen is beyond excited to share a little piece of our heart with you through an incredible Complete Kitchen Bowl Set Giveaway. So, let’s dive into this personal story of flavor, family, and the magic that happens when you cook with love.

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complete kitchen bowl set giveaway

About the Complete Kitchen Bowl Set

  • AIRTIGHT LIDS & 3 GRATER ATTACHMENTS: The airtight lids that come with this mixing bowl set make it easy to store ingredients and leftovers without worrying about spills or leaks. 3.5qt had a removable lid inside the main lid, for adding contents or pairing it with your blender without removing the entire lid to prevent splash. This bowl set comes with 3 different grater attachments (slicing/grating/shredding) just shred or slice right into the bowl! Perfect for preparing salads!
  • NON-SLIP SILICONE BOTTOMS: The rubber on the bottom of the mixing bowls is great for gripping and staying put which prevents sliding on the countertops when mixing and also protects the desk from high temperatures. There is no doubt that the silicone base is more wear-resistant, you do not need to worry about the wear of the stainless steel bowl bottom caused by long-term use
  • NESTING BOWLS & DISHWASHER SAFE: These kitchen serving bowls can be nested together and offer space-efficient storage in neat kitchen cupboards. The mirrored interior makes cleaning a breeze, This mixing bowl set also is dishwasher-safe, just put it in the dishwasher after use, and you will get a new bowl set. But pay attention that it’s best to hand wash the lids, as the heat of the dishwasher can warp them
  • 6 SIZES BOWLS & EXTRA KITCHEN TOOLS SET: The range of sizes from 7QT down to 1QT, makes this set incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of tasks. Each bowl comes with a QT label to make it easier to choose the right size, Bowl sizes fit on standard-size refrigerator shelves and cabinets. Comes with a brush, spatula, whisk, measuring spoons, and so on allowing you to save money on tools
  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: The stainless steel construction is durable for many years. This bowl set is constructed of a mirror-finish interior and matte-finish exterior ensuring dent resistance and rustproof. Food-grade stainless steel will not corrode or produce spots after long time use, please attention that after each cleaning, it is necessary to dry the inside with a cloth to prevent the corrosion of the remaining water on the bowl.

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This Complete Kitchen Bowl Set isn’t just a collection of bowls, it’s the heartbeat of your culinary haven. Each bowl has a unique personality, ready to play its part in the beautiful symphony of cooking. Whether you’re crafting a family recipe passed down through generations or trying your hand at a new creation, these bowls are your partners in culinary storytelling.


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Enter our giveaway now, and let’s create a kitchen story that’s as heartwarming as your favorite comfort food. May your kitchen always be filled with joy, flavor, and the perfect set of bowls to tell your unique tale. Happy cooking!

Complete Kitchen Bowl Set Giveaway

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