20 Kitchen Organization Ideas For Pots And Pans

Today, I want to share with you 20 of the most fantastic kitchen organization ideas for pots and pans (and everything else!), designed to declutter your space and make your kitchen more functional. (And to make cooking more FUN in general.)

We all know kitchen storage can be challenging, but when you get it right, there’s almost nothing more satisfying. I honestly can’t get enough of smart storage solutions for my kitchen. My mind already has 10 tabs open at any given time, so I simply don’t have the mental bandwidth to deal with physical clutter on top of that.

(Recently, my kitchen was under 6 months of construction due to a leak in the walls. As you can imagine, I was reluctant to even step foot in there with that mess! So grateful that’s over!)

Cooking can be fun, but it can also be a lot of work, which is why your kitchen needs to, at the bare minimum, be a pleasant environment. Many of us have been stuffing our cookware into a cupboard like clowns in a clown car, hoping it will all fit. 

To make your kitchen time a more enjoyable experience, here are some smart storage strategies for all your pots and pans.


1. Hanging Pot Rack Above the Kitchen Island

Ever thought about a hanging pot rack above your kitchen island? It not only saves cabinet space but it also provides you easy access to your pots and pans. 

the sorbus pot rack

The Sorbus Pot Rack is what you want. It’s stylish and functional, and it goes right above your kitchen island. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: This is a great place (and opportunity) to show off your stainless steel collection, and especially useful for those of us with small kitchens and limited storage space.


2. Wall-Mounted Rail System Near The Sink

wall-mounted rail system

Years ago, when I was looking up cookware storage solutions, this was this the first thing that popped up, and I’ve always thought it looked so cool! It’s a wall-mounted rail system with hooks, and it both adds an industrial vibe to your kitchen AND may just be the best way to keep your kitchen tools and frying pans within arm’s reach. 

The Wall-Mounted Rail System is a unique way to display your kitchen utensils and pans, while also maximizing efficiency in your kitchen. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: This railing also works for coffee mugs or anything you want to display that can also be hung up. 


3. Vertical Cabinet Pot Organizer To Tuck Pots & Pans Away

wire pot and pan organizer

Got a little cabinet space to spare? Get yourself a vertical pot organizer! It allows for easy access to your entire collection of pots and pans, no matter what size. The SimpleHouseware Pot Organizer is great a smart storage solution for anyone who isn’t looking to display their cookware, but just to tuck it away in an organized way. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Place smaller pots and pans at the top and larger ones on the bottom for easier access.

4. Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer For Your Cupboards

kes's pull-out cabinet organizer

Like your storage solutions with a little extra engineering or just ease-of-access? These pull-out organizers transform your cabinets from hard-to-reach areas into accessible storage. 

KES’s Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer makes reaching for your cookware SO much easier. (Especially for us shorties.) Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: To maximize your space, place your cabinet shelf just above your largest pan while it’s on this pull-out organizer.


5. Under-Shelf Hanging Rack for Both Pots AND Pans

orophy under-shelf hanging rack

Got lots of pots and pans of various sizes and some wall space? Maximize the space under by installing a hanging rack! Place pots above and hang pans below. The OROPY Under-Shelf Hanging Rack is an especially good solution for those of us with kitchens with high ceilings. Make the most of your kitchen and find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Place this shelf near your oven for the ultimate access!


6. Pegboard Wall Organizer to Make the Most of Vertical Space

pegboard wall organizer

Looking to hang more than just pots and pans? This Wall Control Kitchen Pegboard Organizer offers an endless array of creative ways to organize all your kitchen tools. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Designate areas on your pegboard to different categories of kitchen items, like baking sheets and muffin tins, for an organized look.


7. Tiered Pot Organizer for Larger Pots

corner carousel for large pans

Is stacking your vibe? This PXRack 6-Tier Pots and Pans Organizer allows you to utilize either shelf space or cabinet space with adjustable shelving for both thinner pans and heavy pots. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: A lazy Susan in the corner cabinet is another great idea because it offers easy access to your cookware with a simple spin!


8. Pot Lid Organizer for Your Kitchen Drawers

pot lid organizer

Got deeper kitchen drawer space? Don’t let your lids clutter your counter space. You can easily organize all those pot and pan lids with this FLSEPAMB Lid Organizer.Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: This organizer is also great for small cutting boards!


9. Over-the-Door Organizer for Your Cabinet Doors

over-the-door organizer

Most people don’t make the most of their cabinet door space simply because they don’t think to. With this YIGII 2 Pack Cabinet Door Organizer, you can choose to tuck your lids away or display them, depending on what side of your cabinet door you put them on. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: This organizer does double duty by also featuring a small towel hanger for your kitchen towels!


10. Ceiling Pot Rack in Kitchens with High Ceilings

ceiling pot rack

Looking for a sleeker ceiling pot rack? This KES Ceiling Pot Rack is black and minimal, so if you decide to pair it with your stainless steel, it’s a STUNNINGLY classy look. Oh yeah, and it makes for a great storage solution too. (Looks AND functionality?!) Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Make sure this rack is hung at the right height to prevent any kitchen accidents that might occur while you’re reaching for pots and pans.


11. Slide-Out Pot Rack for Easy Access

slide-out pot rack

More slide out access! We honestly can’t get enough of it, so here’s another solution for you. This Golener Sliding Lid Holder and Pan Rack makes pan storage really fun, which is a critical necessity when it comes to kitchens, obviously. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Place this in a lower cabinet for super duper easy access.


13. Magnetic Knife Strip for Storing Knives

magnetic knife strip for storing lids

Get your knives out of the drawer and out of the way with this DGSL Magnetic Knife Strip. In fact, you can stick almost any metal object to these strips, so go crazy! Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: If you do use these for knives, be sure to put them in a place where they won’t be dangerous to you, and out of the way of any pets or kids!


14. Tension Rods as Dividers in Kitchen Cabinets

tension rods

Now here’s a REALLY unique idea to make the most of your cabinet space! Use these F-BBKO 6PCS Cupboard Tension Rods as dividers in your kitchen cabinets for a ridiculously easy and affordable way to organize your baking sheets, cutting boards, and pan lids. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: These adjustable rods can be resized as your collection grows and changes. Changing your shelf height? No problem! That’s why I love how flexible of a storage solution these are.


15. Deep Drawer Dividers for Pots and Pans

Deep drawer dividers for your utensils

Got some deep drawers in your kitchen that you need to organize. Check out these Wesiti Bamboo Drawer Dividers. Neatly organize your pots, pans, plates, utensils and lids easily with these adjustable dividers. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Create custom sections for different sizes and types of cookware!


16. Cabinet Door Hooks for Extra Space

cabinet hooks

Here’s a solution that’s often overlooked. Attaching Eywlwaar Over The Cabinet Door Hooks on the inside of cabinet doors can be a game-changer for your kitchen! Hang up small pans or even lighter kitchen utensils. Find it on Amazon. 

Quick Tip: It might take some trial and error, but measuring out the spacing will make sure hanging lids and pans don’t interfere with your cabinet’s functionality.


17. On-The-Wall Pot Lid Rack for Your Wall

On the wall pot lid rack

Want to hang your lids up, but don’t want to do it on your cabinet doors? No worries! This Durmmur Pot Lid Organizer Rack is good for any areas where you have wall space! Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: For an out-of-the-way solution, hang this rack on the exposed side (inside OR outside) of one of your kitchen cabinets!


18. Utility Hooks Under Cabinets for Utensils, Mugs & Small Pots

utility hooks under cabinet

Need just a liiiittle extra space? These Mkono Under Cabinet Mug Hanger Set are great under cabinets (or heck, even IN cabinets!) to hang up all your utensils, mugs, or small pots! Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: No need to try and solve the great debate of “Should mugs sit in the the cabinet right-side-up or upside-down?” This bypasses that conundrum with finesse and keeps everyone happy.


19. Vertical Bakeware Holder for the Ultimate Storage

vertical bakeware organizer

Let’s face it. We all have an assortment of miscellaneous bakeware that we have NO idea how to store, so we just kind of cram in into a lower cupboard space and hope for the best. But this YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack will change all that! Great for vertically storing things like baking sheets, pizza pans, cutting boards, and muffin tins. Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Organize your items by frequency of use with your go-to pieces at the front for easy access!


20. Expandable Pot and Pan Organizers for A Custom Fit

expandable pots and pans organizer

No longer shall we resort to ill-fitting pot and pan racks! Cmon, WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE. Something should have been invented to address that problem already! Well… it has! This PXRack Expandable Pot and Pan Organizer is entirely adjustable, so you can customize it to fit any pot or pan size to maximize that cabinet (or deep drawer) space! Find it on Amazon.

Quick Tip: Remember to regularly adjust the organizer as you add to your cookware collection!


Kitchen Organization FAQs

What are the best ways to store pots and pans in a small kitchen?
For a tiny kitchen, use hanging racks, wall-mounted rails, under-shelf racks, and pegboards to make the most use of vertical space. Pull-out organizers and toe-kick drawers are also great for maximizing hidden storage areas.

How can I make my pots and pans more accessible?
Make pots and pans more accessible by storing them on open shelves (pull-out racks are great for this!). You can also use hanging pot racks above your kitchen island or counter. The key is to put them where they make sense for your cooking flow.

Should I store pots and pans in my oven or microwave when they’re not in use?
While it might seem like those options are a good way to save space, they’re generally not recommended as a long-term solution. Not only is it inconvenient (since you have to use your oven and microwave for their intended uses), but also, it can be potentially hazardous. Consider other solutions like pot rails, hanging racks, or cabinet organizers.

How do I organize lids for pots and pans?
Try a lid organizer! You can place it in a drawer or cabinet, or you can use a mounting rack on the inside (or outside) of your cabinet door. You can also use a magnetic knife strip to hang metal lids on a wall. There are a number of storage solutions for lids!

What’s the best way to store large pots and pans?
Use deep drawers with dividers, a corner cabinet carousel, or an adjustable shelf to store larger pots and pans.


We hope you enjoyed these tips, and we hope you save yourself time and the headache of constantly rifling through poorly stored cookware! A well-organized kitchen is the secret ingredient to more effortless cooking. Happy organizing!

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